Daylight Savings, Sausages & Choo Choo’s

What a difference a year makes! Last year at this exact time I was snuggled up warmly in my bed enjoying my extra hour of sleep! Yes folks, last night was the marvelous earn an extra hour of sleep daylight savings time – but alas my hopes to quench that extra hour we’re failed this year by an almost 5 month old with a poopy diaper and a knack for cooing and kicking at his mobile in the morning. There will be no extra hour for me today! More then likely I will lose an hour when Jacob struggles stay up until his USUAL bedtime tonight! Curse you daylight savings! You were once the joy of my world and now you are the bane of my existence….fool. Ha! So here I am and it’s 6:45 am (7:45 am if you take away the cursed daylight savings time) and my son is PLAYING next to me in his bouncy chair. Gosh I love him….even when he steals away my extra hour of sleep!

Yesterday morning Mike and I spent time cleaning our living room before being whisked away to the wonderful world of Walmart with Jacob’s Nana ana Poppa….Mike and I shopped in usual style spending more money then we intended and leaving the store with everything we needed but just didn’t know it until we step foot in the store. The store was CRAZY yesterday…I’m thinking people are starting to take the hint and shop a little earlier for Christmas this year. When it was all said and done Mike and I left with a case of ready to feed Enfamil A+ cans, 2 boxes of 8 ounce playtex drop in liners, deoderant and shaving cream for Mike, and a breakfast griddle for Jacob’s Nana and Poppa for Christmas (that they picked out but we aren’t allowing them to have until Christmas) . On our way out we stopped into the Portrait Studio to see if our portraits from last week were ready to be picked up – and they were! They turned out great! Wallets and Prints for ALL!!!

After leaving Walmart we headed to the other packed store…Costco. Mike and I ran in and picked up the pictures that we had ordered from the photo lab and then we got batteries for the variety of contraptions that Jacob has that require batteries…well mostly they are for Mike but Jacob can use the batteries too…I said so, I’m the mom. One of the sample ladies offered us some sausage and we were SOLD the second we tasted it…picked up a package of the turkey, feta, and spinach sausage…sounds over the top I’m sure but it tasted fab…go away, get your own sausage.

Oh the one great thing I forgot to mention. Ok listen…I know I swore that I was not going to be one of those parents that goes nuts at Christmas time looking for the “hot toys of the season” but Jacob REALLY wanted the Fisher Price Amazing Choo Choo (yes he told me he wanted it so shush up….pfft seriously!) but the train is really hard to come by….sold out in most places. HOWEVER, my fabulous (at least for today) hubby Mike sauntered to the toy department and just happened to spot one of these trains tucked away on the bottom shelf so he picked it up showed it to me…I showed it to my mom, she said Jacob’s uncle Jimmy would get it for Jacob for Christmas and we were sold. We managed to make it out of the store alive – despite the many people saying “where did you get that??? I want one of those”….back off get your own Amazing Choo Choo! This ones ours…QUICK MOM MAKE A RUN FOR IT!!! Ha! The train is ours! We were victorious! Now I just need to find the extra animals and train parts you can buy for it!

When we got home yesterday, Mike and I both had headaches – what’s the deal? Headaches stink – oh Mike says, we didn’t eat today. Duh. That makes sense, all in a days of work of finding Amazing Choo Choos and Turkey Feta Spinach Sausage I suppose. We ordered a pizza and watched The Break Up starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn…he’s my type of guy…he’s cute and cuddly…I’ll say he comes in second to my lover Johnny Depp…..hey Johnny when are we getting together again? LOL….

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