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Today was a good day….geeze do I love good days. Jacob and I took a trip on the subway to visit my work. You know I really do miss the people that I work with. We hung out with Shona and Michael at the group home, which was a lot of fun since Michael is a great friend and I had not seen Shona in a LONG time since our maternity leaves pretty much went back to back! Jacob was all smiles, giggles and shrieks today and he really liked Shona which it really is hard not to like Shona…she sings and smiles and has the most freckles that Jacob has ever seen on a person’s face! Jacob took a nap and I got to catch up on old times with my co-workers over a lunch of General Chao (sp?) Chicken or as Shona would put it KUNG POW chicken – it was spicy but delicious!

On our way home, Jacob and I sang songs on the subway ( I sang – he sort of cooed or made little screams) and we didn’t care that maybe people were staring at us! We just sang about “A dog named Rags” and we let our free spirits loose! We walked to the store and bought some groceries for dinner before making our way home – still singing together until Jacob fell asleep about 2 minutes from the front door…he’s asleep in his car seat right now. I’d like to wake him up just to have a few minutes of Mommy and Jacob time before Daddy comes home but I’ve learned that you should never wake a sleeping baby….there are consequences for doing that! Ha! I’m sitting here alone watching Aunty Oprah and Dr.Phil – have you heard of them? Maybe you have – Jacob and Mommy watch Aunty Oprah and Dr. Phil every day..it’s what we do!

I’m starting to think about Christmas pictures and when to get them done – I’ll probably call and get an appointment for the first week of December – sometime around Jacob’s half a year birthday! Ack! Can’t believe that he’ll be SIX months old in 6 weeks – that makes me feel a whole range of emotions…but for the sake of not wanting to get you readers sniffling I’ll avoid the Mommy’s baby is growing up rant!

I’m off now to make dinner before Mike gets home….we’ll talk soon….

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