Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Well I did it…

I crossed the road from sanity to insanity and allowed Jacob to be moved to his own room. He is just shy of 6 months old (turns 6 months on December 9th) and we needed to move our desk into our bedroom to put the Christmas Tree up in the living room. So…the desk is in and the crib is out (insert sad face here) and thus far I have managed to cope. I can’t say that either one of us is sleeping better with this transition (I am DEFINITELY not) but Jacob seems to have adjusted fine and isn’t going to grow up with PTSD and tell me years later in family therapy that his issues revolve around being moved to his own room. I have always felt strongly that I did not want a toddler in my bed unless the boogie man was hiding in his closet waiting to snatch him OR the thunderstorm outside was too frightening.

Okay can I take a moment to disgust my audience?

Jacob refused CEREAL so we tried adding some squash to see if it would help with the taste and he loved it! Now, I gotta say the kid eats like he’s fresh of the plane from a stint in Ethiopia as a starving orphan! He just gobbles and gobbles up the food and screeches if I take too long to put more in his mouth! I’m not impressed however with the way squash is digested in the body and POOPED out in a disgusting array or orange and brown runny nastiness! Are you grossed out yet? Good! You should be…I shouldn’t have to deal with that alone! Nevertheless we started veggies 10 days earlier then we thought we would (we planned to start solid foods at 6 months) and Jacob loves them…so tomorrow after 6 days of squash we start either CARROTS or GREEN BEANS…poor kid.

We had Jacob’s 6 month professional portraits done this week and it was an experience to say the least. We loved the photographer….once stopped tickling our son to try and make him smile. His attempts were having the reverse affect and Jacob would end up crying…so after he learned that Jacob likes to smile only for Mommy and Daddy…and not poking and prodding photographers we were able to make some GREAT progress…the pics turned out marvelous…I’ll show them off once Mike picks them up tonight and scans them tomorrow!

I’ve realized lately that I’ve been sick and tired of eating crap that is not good for me and sick and tired of being overweight…I’m so sick and tired of it…that I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired (someone famous once said that but I’m not sure who) and in the New Year I am committing to a new me…the new me wants to be a parent who runs after their kids and can actually catch them….the new me wants to be the mom that does all kinds of fun things like ride roller coasters with their kids (I haven’t even tried in the past years cus I’m too afraid of not fitting in the rides…pretty sad huh?)….I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of not trying hard enough…so this is the end of the road….I’ll enjoy Christmas and start the new year off with a promise to myself – not a resolution – but a promise that I will be a healthy active parent for Jacob and set a good example for him to live by.

Alright, I’m done for now…I’m off to make tacos before my husband returns from work and spend some time rolling on the floor with my son….

I typed this pretty fast and I don’t have time to make corrections for typos…so COPE….ha!

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