Taxes Stole My Trip To Florida

I’m sitting here devouring a cheese string and contemplating what I want to write about. Have I mentioned before how horrible cheese strings are? They taste like plastic and YET I continue to eat them because we have them in the house and they are convenient. It’s better for me then running to the store for a bag of ZESTY DORITOS and devouring it – that’s what I feel like right now and I’m trying to be good! So…the cheese string will have to do…it’s the closest I can get without going over the top.

ALOT has happened since the New Year….let me sum it up:

The cat got better, then got sicker. Jacob slept through the night and then he didn’t but now he does. We were going on a trip to florida, then we were sure we were not going, but then we were going, and now we’re not. We were broke from Christmas, then not broke, and then the government reassessed my income taxes and I owe them 1100 dollars from an error in my taxes last year. So…yea…I’m STRESSED out…now let me explain a bit further…we’ll break it down a little simpler.

My cat Ellie was sick prior to Christmas. We noticed she had been losing a signficant amount of weight so we took her into the vet’s office and found out it was suspected she was in LIVER failure. The cure for this was to make her eat – so we did. We let her eat anything she wanted and VOILA….she got better. She gained almost a pound in a week and her skin, ears, and gums were not looking yellow anymore. We took her home and then a week later we brought her in for a follow up visit and she had lost over a pound….by now you can imagine the costs are adding up and up and up….we did blood work (another 150 dollars) and learned that she was in renal failure….the “possible” cure for this would be hospitalization (at least 1000 dollars)….with my being on maternity leave that was NOT possible – so we opted for the cheaper option (40 dollars) of giving her the fluids ourselves at home. So…every night we’ve been giving our cat fluids from an IV bag – this is fun, fun, fun. If you can imagine trying to hold a cat down to stick a needle in – yea loads of fun – the bane of my existence right now. We have no idea if she’s getting better or not – I feel in my heart that she is going to die. In other news our other cat Chloe is getting FAT…she was always a TINY thing but she is enjoying the wide varieties of foods that are being put down for the sick cat….she’s gonna be ticked off once that stops.

My mom is going to Florida on business in March for a week and she invited Mike and I to come along (with Jacob of course). We were EXCITED beyond belief – a vacation was just what we needed and we felt we could really get the money together to go since we didn’t have to pay for a hotel. Alright! Rock on! Pack the suitcase….we’re off!! NOT QUITE – do you think anything ever happens that easily for me? Who are you kidding? So..on Monday I open the mailbox to find……(read below)…and needless to say the money for Florida well it needs to pay taxes so yea, Florida is just not happening…Mike said we can try to do a vacation in the Fall after I go back to work – we’ll see. I’m not keeping my fingers crossed.

Last year I took out a portion of my RRSP’s and thought they had already taken the taxes off when I withdrew the money….turns out I was mistaken!! They had only taken a portion of the taxes out and I needed to pay the rest….so I got reassessed and I now owe the government money. Lovely….1100 dollars..isn’t that just the icing on the cake! So yea I’m pretty ticked off about Steven Crapforbrains Harper getting more of my hard earned money. WHATEVER.

Anyways there you have it….that’s the biggest portions of what I’ve been dealing with….but there are good things in life that should NOT be avoided. Someone very close to me is preggo with her first child (HOORAY…someone else to understand what it feels like to be exhausted beyond recognition), Jacob is growing, thriving and the most pleasant little guy to be around, and we have awesome family members who have supported us through everything. AMEN.

This weekend we made a play space for Jacob in the living room of our apartment….I like it a lot and I’m thinking of extending it a bit further…Mike and I are going to play “design a living room” and see if there are ways to move the furniture around so we can get a little more space.

Here is a pic of Jacob yesterday – 7 months and 1 week old. He has truly mastered the skill of sitting and I think this baby gap outfit looks totally CUTE on him!

…Finally here he is standing up and holding onto his exersaucer…don’t be fooled however, he did not pull himself up there…I helped him get up there but he is holding himself up..

One thought on “Taxes Stole My Trip To Florida

  1. Thanks for the update!

    Taxes suck. We had to pay almost $1200 one year because we didn’t adjust our W2 when we got married. It’s quite a shock when you think you are going to get a refund (like you do every year) only to find out that you owe them.

    Cute pictures of Jacob!! The only thing worse than string cheese is fat-free cheese. You might as well leave it in the plastic wrap because that’s what it tastes like.

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