War on the Homefront! An Adventure in Teething!

I think we have a tooth! I’m not 100% sure that we have a tooth because Jacob won’t let me look in his mouth long enough to ACTUALLY get a good look but…I think in a few days when it has come in a little more-victory will be ours!

We have been fighting this teething war for 2 months now! We have fought a brave and hard battle and we are finally seeing the efforts of our strength! We are rising triumphant, shouting on the hill as we stick our flag down proclaiming that VICTORY IS OURS!

I should have know when I woke up at 830 to a calm pacified child that something had erupted in his mouth and he was no longer the red face child I had been taking care of for the past few days. We saw a lot of the classic signs of teething – you know…red cheeks, slight rash, irritability (not just my own…ha ha), difficulties sleeping…and our favourite the piercing cry that seems inconsolable that just goes away 15 minutes after you’ve tried everything possible to pacify him….so this morning when I stuck my finger inside his mouth and felt something sharp – I should not have been as excited as I was – I should have seen it coming – but alas I did not.

I would like to rise up on this soap box of mine and flash fancy pictures of the pearly white – but sadly enough there is no pearly white to show off…I believe the tooth is sitting perfectly aligned with the top of his gums…poked out enough to feel it, but not enough to look at it….

This adventure is only just beginning….where there is one tooth there is another, and another, and another and another…..until you reach the BIG DADDIES….the MOLARS…until then my friends I leave you with pictures of my son…

I’m not quite sure what these facial expressions mean….but I’m sure he’s thinking something highly intelligent, so intelligent that his thoughts alone would qualify him for the Mensa International…either that or he’s pushing out a big poop….I’ll let you decide….

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