A Sweet Gesture

Today when I checked the mail I had received a card that said the following:

Dear Michael, Melissa and Family,

Please accept our deepest sympathy for your loss. Ellie was a good friend and a loyal companion. She would have thanked you for the kindness and affection you have given her over the past 5 years. She knew she was loved and that your thoughts were with her in her final moments. We hope that soon the pain of loss will fade into warm thoughts and memories of the happy times spent and shared together.


Rathburn Animal Clinic

I am very touched at this letter – It feels good when people acknowledge how much a part of the family a pet can be.

One thought on “A Sweet Gesture

  1. It’s so sad when a pet dies. I’m glad your animal hospital is right there with you – grieving.

    I remember when our animals died when we were younger, it always seemed like the vets were crying with us.


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