An Angel Called To Rest

Since the day that I found out I was pregnant I have been involved in an online community called Just Mommies for women who are pregnant, parenting, trying to conceive, or experiencing the loss of a pregnancy/stillbirth. I have found that he particular women who were in my birth club/parenting club were unlike any other women I had met on other message forums. I found these women to be compassionate, vibrant, and overall just a fun group of ladies.

During my time on the boards I came to know a woman who was carrying twins, who later found out that her twins had something called Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. i had never heard of this syndrome until she explained it to us – we followed their trials and celebrations with sadness and worry at times and excitement and joy at others. I personally came to love the lives of both of these girls. The smallest of the girls has had a lot of medical struggles since she was born and recently we heard news from her mother that things were looking “up”. We all celebrated with excitement at her totally rad and cute hot pink hearing aids. How could anyone not love this child? This child who taught us all to fight against all odds….This angel who gifted us all with the importance of what it means to never give up….

It is with a heavy heart that I share with you all that sweet Aleah (last name with held as I do not have permission form her mother to share that) has passed on from this world. She leaves behind a Mother, a Father, and a twin sister who all grieve for her and love her; she was just 9 months old, she was beautiful and she was perfect. Everyone in our parenting group is grieving for this loss – and wishing we could support this mother and father in every possible way.

I will miss her….I will miss hearing Aleah stories. She lifted my spirits more then I could ever have told her, more then I could have ever told her parents – she gave me hope that my own child could survive despite medical problems at birth. I feel a special love for this child – who I never met – but who gave me all the hope in the world.

I have to believe in an afterlife – that Aleah is healthy and well and perfect now that her physical body is at rest. I have to believe that there are great things in store for her now beyond this life that has just passed. I have to hold ono the knowledge that there is a Heavenly Father above that loves her and is watching over her until she can be reunited with her parents and sister some day.

Heavenly Father please bless this child who the world loved so much.


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  1. I wonder sometimes why God decided to take her from me so early, and then I remember that she was a statistical miracle, she wasn’t supposed to even be born, then she wasn’t supposed to survive her first surgery, then her second, then her third. After her 4th, they wanted to put her in rehabilitative care, I refused and had almost 4 months to be her mommy outside the sterile environment of a hospital.

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