Fighting the Fever….

The past two days have been miserable! My angel has a fever today for the THIRD day in a row. On Saturday and Sunday he was his normal smiling happy self for the entire morning and then BOOM between 3-4 pm a fever would attack him out of no where. His fever was at 103.3 but we were always able to bring it down to 101-102 with Tylenol! This morning he woke up a little “out of it” and by this I mean not really having a lot of energy, seeming to be still tired, etc. We gave him his bottle and he threw it up…bummer. I could feel he was getting hot so we gave him some Tylenol as a preventative measure since he felt the same as the previous two days – I just didn’t feel right about subjecting him to another round of thermometer meets butt. A couple hours later I felt I should take his temperature and it was at 103.9 – sigh – my poor angel is fighting off another virus I suppose. I gave him more Tylenol and he’s been sleeping in his crib ever since – I went in once when I heard him stir but he had just thrown up a little in his crib – maybe he has a strain of the flu that he wasn’t protected against with his flu shot – whatever it is, I want it to go away!!! We’re off to the pediatrician’s at 2pm for his 8 month check up so of course we’ll have him evaluated for the fevers – I hope its not something he’ll need antibiotics for.

In other news, we spent the weekend around the house primarily. We did go and check out the old navy sale and do some returns at the Eaton Center downtown…it was pretty fun! We checked out the sales and ate at the New Orleans restaurant that has the yummy Cajun food! I thought this might cheer up the thread a bit…here is Jacob in his new duds..INCLUDING a cute swim suit for hitting the beach at Wasaga with his nana and papa!

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