I Wasn’t Dead…The Baby Was Sleeping!

When I woke up this morning I thought I was dead – if it wasn’t for the fact that the alarm was wailing in my ear I would have continued sleeping (or thinking I was dead). I got up and went to the bathroom and peered in Jacob’s room – it was silent. I said I peered but it was more of a silent creep up to the door, a tiny push so the door doesn’t creak and a peek over the top of his bumper. What I discovered was magnificent – a sleeping baby. Now to some of you you may think “magnificent” is sort of overkill when describing a sleeping baby – you have obviously not spent time with the mother of a teething infant. Let me tell you….sleep is the best thing these days and last night was the FIRST time in 1.5 weeks that Jacob slept right through the night – I am still sitting here soaking in the glory of the morning – knowing full well that I’ll go to bed in an hour and be interrupted by the shrieks of an almost 8 month old at 2am – oh well, he’s worth it.

After waking up with such an enthusiastic mood I thought surely nothing could happen that would ruin my day – a word to the wise – never think you’re invincible – your day can always be challenged! I had spent the morning keeping my eye open for surprise challenges that were going to be popping up in a host challenge that I am participating in. I knew I had to run to the bank so when they hadn’t appeared by 12:10 I realized I could no longer post pone my trip to the bank so I bundled Jacob up and off we went – while I was depositing the money we needed for the month to pay our rent, bills, etc. Jacob started wailing – perhaps a symptom of teething or perhaps he was singing along with the homeless man who was sitting in the bank lobby serenading the tellers who had informed him that the police were coming to have him removed – either way he started wailing and I was distracted by him. I was trying to comfort him and put the money in the bank at the same time – I left the bank feeling accomplished until I was almost home and realized I had forgotten a few zero’s on the bank machine and instead of putting in the ACTUAL amount I had deposited – I had typed in $5.50….I was mortified! I called the bank from my cell phone only to find out I had to wait 5-7 business days for the error to be fixed – whatever I was ticked – so to add salt to the already gaping wound – when I got home exactly 35 minutes to the second I left – the surprise challenges had been posted and the winners already proclaimed – it sucks to be some days.

Perhaps the highlight of the day came when Mike came home early from work by 3 hours! That was fabulous and we were able to head right out and get our grocery shopping done; we needed it BADLY! After spending 170 dollars (our highest grocery shop yet) we were on our way home to a dinner of macaroni salad and roasted chicken….we fed Jacob, bathed him, played with him and sent him off to bed….then we sat down for a little tube time and now I’m here righting out the sob story of my day to the world – fabulous.

I hope tomorrow is a better day – Jacob tries Mango’s for the first time…thrilling!

Just t excite you all – here are some pics in reference to my story yesterday about Jacob giving kisses to his Bear BoBo – I told them to “rent a room”.

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