The Pressure to De-Pacify

I’m growing increasingly annoyed by the people that suggest that we allow Jacob to have his pacifier too much. He has it for naps, and bedtime and there are times throughout the day that he will see it on a table or near a toy and he will gesture or fuss for it. We have had numerous people say that if we don’t get him off it by the time he is 1 years old that we will regret it – that he will struggle and struggle to be without it…Fair enough, I’ve seen 4 year olds with pacifiers and wondered why? I just don’t think the mark is 1 years old…I personally think between 18 months and 2 years old. Aside from the fact that I just think it’s not the end of the end of the world that he has the pacifier when he wants it – I also have some other strong opinions on the matter.

First – most people are suggesting we”wean” him from the pacifier at 1 year old; I am opposed to this particular age for a strong reason – When Jacob was alone in the NICU without us, they gave him a pacifier for comfort as it is proven that being in an incubator causes high stress in infant as recorded by monitoring brain activity…From the moment they started giving him the pacifier in thaat NICU he has been attached and I just don’t feel ready or willing to take that away from him yet. Secondly, a week after his first Birthday, I will be returning to work and how fair is it that we are taking away two forms of comfort at the same time. As it stands now, i am sure that my return to work will be difficult on him, having had me home with him for a year, and it would break my heart to say no mommy, and no pacifier (or sousou as we refer to it in our house)…I just can’t do it to him….so at one year old, mommy is out and the pacifier stays until a time that we deem it appropriate.

One thought on “The Pressure to De-Pacify

  1. Screw whatever people think. I’m sure you’ll have him “de-pacified” before kindergarten. No Worries.

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