And Then He Spoke To Us – Loud and Clear

Jacob loves to drink water from our cups.

We have invested a lot of money in bottles, sippy cups, even his own plastic cups – but the water CLEARLY doesn’t taste the same unless it comes from Mommy or Daddy’s cup. I’ve tried to trick him by drinking out of his cup but he can’t be fooled – He is on to us and our evil ways. In his head he is mocking us, silently but deliberately.

Tonight he drank water from a glass of water that Mike had poured. He would take a sip and then a breath and then as he was exhaling he’d leap forward and thrust his mouth back onto the glass before either of us could take the glass away – cus we’re pure evil like that – shame on us for wanting some of OUR water – the water we poured to quench our thirst. Before you become a parent make sure you’re not selfish in any way – cus nothing is yours…the baby owns it all – get use to coming in second. You will drink your water even if it has baby back wash.

So back to my completely uninteresting story….

Jacob continued to take sips from the glass until it was EMPTY…and I’m not just talking empty…I’m talking bone dry, fish gonna die if he lived in that glass empty. And then Jacob spoke to us very clearly and very directly….

There has to be more water.

WHERE is the water?

Don’t play with my mind – give me the water!!!


ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!! WHERE is the water?!?!?


fill up the water!

Seriously parentals – I want more water.

Mama? Dada? Cat? Anybody?

I’d just like for the glass to be filled again.

Ok maybe the language wasn’t as clear as that…perhaps it came across more like AHHHHHHHHHHHHH……GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH…..MAAAAAAAAAAAA….

But we knew what he was saying….

So we gave him his pacifier….and he forgot about the water.

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