MMMMMM Cat Food & One Nasty Headache!

I’m having a blah day for the first time in a while. I’m usually a pretty upbeat, laidback, go with the flow kind of person but today every small thing that comes up is irritating the heck outta me! I have had the worst migraine for the past 18 hours and I’m suffering ALOT. To add salt to my already gaping wound, Jacob is teething again which means he is really needy of my attention today and I’m so triggered by noise when I have migraines that I’m just exhausted from giving him all my attention today – not that I don’t give him my attention every day but today it just seems like he needed a little bit more. What I need right now is for Mike to come home so I can crawl into bed, close my eyes, and not wake up till 14 hours later-without the headache.

It’s obvious to me today that Jacob has gone through a growth spurt because he’s just getting so much taller! It’s hard to believe that on Friday he’ll be 9 months old-I feel like I’m living in denial about his aging process-I’d like for him to stay small forever I think- but then I realize that if he stayed small forever I’d miss out on things like his first day of school, his first science project, his first hockey game, his first date, his first MVP for his goal scoring in the NHL – okay okay I got carried away on that last one!!! I’m excited about watching him experience life and I feel like I’m reliving my own childhood through him in an awkward sort of way-I suppose you wouldn’t understand unless you have your own child.

I can definitely tell that Jacob is going to be a mover and a shaker! He’s all over the place already and he’s only 8.98 months old! He loves to crawl all around the apartment and pull up to standing on anything he can get his hands on – the coffee table, the couch, the rocker, the kitchen table, the tv stand, his laugh and learn home, the window ledge – he’s such an adventurer already. I’d like to believe that his genuine curiosity means he’ll have an interest in living life to the fullest – experiencing ever moment like its never happened before – I don’t want him to feel rushed in anything. Carpe Diem….sieze the day!

A funny yet not so funny situation happened today! Jacob has had a HUGE interest in the cat food dish in the kitchen and in the past couple of week’s he’s plotted how he’d get to that dish and get his very own taste! We blocked off the kitchen entrances and were pretty sure we had successfully blocked him from his first real taste of cat food! He was playing in the living room like he always does and I took off quickly to go to the bathroom – a few moments later I returned to see half his body poking out from the blockade and the other half in the kitchen! I entered the kitchen at the exact moment he reached for the cat food and put two pieces in his mouth! He looked up at me and went MMMMMMM….as if to say ha ha Mom I got it and it tastes good! I scooped him up and dug the two pieces of cat food out of his mouth and he immediately began crying as if I had stolen a delicacy from his mouth! I have no doubt that he’ll be back in that darn kitchen for a second helping of cat food at his first opportunity so for now the cat will dine on the dining room table – until we can teach Jacob that cat food is for cat’s and cheerios are for little boys.

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