Random Thoughts on a Saturday Night

These thoughts are crazy random! I shared them on a public message forum and thought they’d make a good blog entry. Try hard not to be too amused.

I’m overwhelmed at the thought of throwing my son a first birthday party in just under 3 months. I don’t know who to invite – I can’t even decide on what decorations I want to use. I’m so lame. lol. Time is moving to quickly and I’m overwhelmed. I don’t want to go back to work but then I do. For some reason that doesn’t make sense to me. Life moves too quickly these days.

Jacob is asleep and I should be too, but I am not. Instead, I am sitting here trying to make the invitations for his party. I keep scraping what I have done and starting over. I should just go to bed – It’s late and I don’t have any more work done on the invitation then I had an hour ago. Blah.

Tomorrow Mike and I are hardcore dieters again. I hate that. I hate needing to diet. I wish I was thin and beautiful like everyone else I know. Heck I don’t even wanna be thin and beautiful – I just wanna be “chubby” and decent. Bitter, Party of One, your table is waiting. lol. I’m sorry I’m being lame again. I just wish for like 2 years of my life I could have one of those hollow legs – you know the kind where the food just drops into and you never gain a pound? Chocolate cake would taste so great with one of those legs.

I’m listening to the Dreamgirls soundtrack. Music always makes me feel better.

I went to toys r us today to buy a present for Jacob for his FIRST birthday because it was on sale. Just the thought of buying FIRST birthday presents seems impossible to me – but I did it today and I’ve sat here staring at it for the past 45 minutes – like it was poison or something – but really its a really cute Little People’s Farm Set – but to me, at this moment – it’s arsenic. He can’t be turning one. I’ll put it away in the back of the closet tonight inside of like 43 plastic bags…maybe that will make time go slower – somehow I doubt it.

Mike is putting ground beef into ziploc bags and asking me “is this enough?”. We buy our ground beef from costco which always gets seperated into like six or seven ziploc bags to be used for various meals. He wants my opinion about how much is good enough to constitute a meal – it’s usually something that I do when we come home with the meat because I prepare most of the meals. He wanted to do it today – shrugs, whatever floats his boat i suppose.

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