Random Thoughts on a Snowed In Day

I woke up this morning and I noticed the alarm clock flashing 2:22 at me over and over again. I blinked my eyes twice before I realized it was flashing because the power had gone out at some point in the night. I lay in bed wondering what time it actually was and at one point I thought I had rolled over, picked my ipod off the bedside table and saw that it was in fact 2:22 am – I later realized that while the flashing clock was true – the later involvement of the ipod was not – when I woke up the ipod was sitting by the computer where it was left after Mike had attempted to put some files on it late last night. I am assuming that after looking at the clock, I had rolled over and fallen back asleep – where I dreamed that I saw the time on the ipod. I never use to have dreams when I sleep very often , but I have found that since conceiving Jacob, the dream world has been more vivid for me.

The reason the power went off in the night was that our city was fighting off a winter storm. Throughout the city there were downed power lines so I am thankful that our power was only out for a short amount of time and we were (besides the dream) relatively unaffected by the power outage. Jacob got up at 7 am this morning and went through his usual morning routine with his Daddy – clean diaper, bottle, playtime – before long Jacob was in bed with me telling me (like he does every morning) that it was time for me to get up and take care of him because Daddy was going to work – so I dragged my butt out of bed and the two of us retreated to the living room for a little Learning Home fun.

Now that I’ve mentionned it let me take a moment to sing the praises of the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Home – this has by far been one of the best things we’ve every purchased for Jacob. Over time he’s learned many new skills from it and its fun to watch him go through the door, push the doorbell, get the mail from the mailbox, open and close the window…I really see years of fun with this home and I recommend anyone with an infant buy this for their child – it’s great for children aged 6 months till 36 months – I’ve definitely seen my son’s gross and fine motor skills come a live since we introduced this home into his life.

I’m not feeling well today so I’ve been laying low on my message boards and trying to get some rest – I’ve been having some pains in my stomach that I’m sure are just normal womanly pains and I hope they go away soon. I’m sitting here trying to decide what to make for dinner! Mike will have to stop at the grocery store I suppose.

Jacob is asleep, so I’m going to stop spewing random thoughts and get some actual work done around the house.

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