The Picture on the Wall

We have this family portrait on the wall. It’s one of those family portraits where everyone is smiling and the family looks incredibly happy and perfect – I use to despise those types of portraits. I use to hate seeing them in magazines – I use to think they misrepresented the majority of families in the world – cus the truth is most if not all families are not perfect. I remember the song Family Portrait by the artist Pink that had the line “In our family portrait we look pretty happy, let’s play pretend act like it comes naturally”….I said I use to think this way – that it was impossibe for people to be incredibly happy in their family life – but so far…..I have no complaints and I love that picture – we’re not perfect that’s for sure – but we’re happy…and so now my motto is that perfection in this life doesn’t exist but happiness does.

We have a favourite recliner that we have rocked in with Jacob since the day he comes home from the hospital. We hung the picture near the recliner and every now and then we’d point out the people in the picture – “there’s Mama, there’s Dada, and there’s baby Jake” – and I use to think it was just for fun – but now I realize that Jacob knows that picture and knows who is in it very well. When Mike is at work – Jacob and I will sit in the recliner – sometimes just to sit and other times to play games like pat a cake or our newest thing of blowing kisses to each other – well when we sit there I say “Jacob where’s Dada?” and he’s smile, turn his body look at the door (because he knows daddy comes in from there after work), when he sees no Dada there he turns to the picture on the wall – looks up at it and smiles….I know that he knows who Dada is and that makes my heart melt.

I’m sure we’ll have many more family portraits – we’ll look happy and perfect – but mostly we’ll be more happy then perfect – and that sits well with my soul.

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