The Puke Came Back The Very Next Day….

They thought it was a goner but the puke came back…it just couldn’t stay away.



After posting yesterday about how we were crawling out from under the vomit – I went into Jacob’s room about 20 minutes ago and found him sound asleep in a puddles of puke. Puke in his hair, puke on his face, puke on his pyjamas, bed sheets…I could go on and on and on….

We lifted him up to change him , wash him, comfort him, love him….and just in case there wasn’t ENOUGH puke in the crib…he vomited again – a big ole second helping – or maybe it was a third helping….who knows – we were not there to witness the first explosion.

So…I’m asking – if there is a bodily fluid god out there……

Could you please have mercy on our son – Like just for a litle while…..

Pretty please?

With sugar on top?

New Ebay Shortalls

We received a pair of overalls I had purchased through ebay in the mail yesterday. I totally expected that they would fit now but its clear he has a lot of growing room in them. I guess its not all too bad because I would like for him to be able to wear them to Church this summer. I am hoping that his cream polo onesie that he wore for Easter will continue to fit him through the summer because I think it will be a good match if I can’t find the actual onesie that goes with the overalls on ebay.

I got these overalls for a STEAL price and I’m not ashamed to say that. They were brand new….never worn. I’m proud. After his nap when I tried the overalls on Jacob he crawled around the apartment, standing, sitting, squating, crawling as if he was showing the overalls off to me and the cat – as if he was saying Mom i love these overalls. They are my most FAVOURITE overalls ever – and then I remind him that they are actually shortalls and that it’s time to take them off….He’s not that fond of this idea and passes out instead – sound asleep so that he might enjoy the overalls just a little bit longer.

I put him in his crib and watch him sleep for a minute or two and I feel like he’s brand new again, like its June and I’m peering over his crib and he’s 2 weeks old. The phone rang and brought me back out of my daydream and for a brief moment I was sad because I want to remember him as my newborn forever.

While Buying a Diet Coke (caffeine free of course)

Yesterday I packed Jacob up in his stroller and left the apartment to go to the corner store – i had only one purpose and that was to satisfy my craving for a diet coke. When I got outside Jacob started babbling away in his stroller as he took in the great weather. I decided to walk past the corner store and down the street to our new fruit and veggie market to pick up some vegetables to put on the bbq tonight. I grabbed a couple bananas and turned back to go home – I even forgot to stop for my diet coke.

Instead of going home Jacob and I went to the park in front of our house to sit on the grass and share a banana. We sat there on the grass fr about an hour – and I imagined that there would be a lot of days like this – days where sat in the sun, carefree, and not rushing to get here or there. We shared our banana and Jacob had a drink of my water…we spent time blowing bubbles and watching the wind take them away to the west before Jacob could even reach them with his little hand.

I laughed out loud while I watched Jacob playing in the grass – he was still so afraid to put his hands down on the grass – as if the second he did…a giant grass monster might grab his hands and pull him down into the center of the earth.

By the time we made it back to the house Jacob was pooped and while he napped I prepared some food items to take to my Mom’s house for a barbecue. We followed up our great day with an excellent evening at Nana’s house – we dined on steak, potatoes and grilled veggies while Jacob enjoed some carrots and peas and his FAVOURITE…yogurt. My mom fed him his yogurt for the first time ever and she got to experience what we experience everytime we feed Jacob his yogurt… goes a little bit like this….

Nana: “Jacob the yogurt is finished” (said while signing the sign for finished/all done)…..


Nana: “All finished Jacob” (while passing me the empty container so I can throw it out)

Jacob: “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” (while throwing his head back and looking as devastated as an almost 11 month old can look)

Nana: “Awwww he loves yogurt”

Me: “Yeah no kidding mom.”

Jacob: “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” (as if he’s saying…what do you mean there is NO MORE yogurt – how could it be FINISHED….let me look…there has got to be more in that little container….ok jokes over …GIVE ME MORE!!)

***enter cookie Monster toy stage left***

Jacob: “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” (because all tho its tragic that there is no yogurt left…cookie monster is pretty cool after all.)

Crawling Out From Under the Vomit

Have you ever heard of Rotavirus? To be honest, in the 10.5 months that I’ve been a parent I had heard the term thrown around – I know that in the U.S.A. there is a vaccination against this virus but this is not available in Canada. In the past 2 weeks – Jacob was diagnosed with this nasty virus and its been an up and down hill battle…

Thankfully I think we’re coming out of the worst of it. It’s been a fun filled week of vomit, poop, and a refusal by Jacob to not eat or drink for days – which led us to a hospital visit and finally on the road to recovery. This past weekend we went out for a long family walk along the lake and while we weren’t sure that Jacob’s tired little body was ready – I do feel the fresh air was great for him AND we had a blast.

When we were out on our walk Jacob got to sit on grass for the first time. He wasn’t sure what to make of it and everytime he would put his hands down onto the ground – he would quickly lift them again and look at us like it was the weirdest situation we had ever put him in.

Jacob really seemed to like the water and watching the ducks and boats. I have to say there were times where my heart was leaping out of my chest when he was leaning over to look at the ducks but we just held him so that he couldn’t lean too far.

We also got to try out our timer on our camera and take a few family pics – pictures of all of us together are really rare because we’re always out doing things by ourselves.

I’m really happy that the summer is finally arriving….Hopefully it means LESS viruses and MORE days like our trip to the lake!

The Rumble Came From Below

Jacob enjoys taking baths with his parents so much. Today it was Mommy’s turn to get in the tub and splash around with her son in the water. Jacob really enjoys the water and from the second he gets in the tub he is usually happy as pie. On this occasion he just sort of sat in the water looking at me perplexed – like he was pondering what he was supposed to be doing in the water. I tried hard to engage him into our usual back and forth splashing routine but he was disinterested and quiet. i sort of shrugged it off and just began washing him…..until I heard it…..

The bath tub rumbled….

The water rippled….

Bubbles rose to the surface….

I surely had a look of panic across my face and Jacob was laughing – hysterically. It only took a moment before small flecks of brown starting rising to the surface of the water and I was hollering for Mike to come get Jacob out of the tub. I tried to get out of the water but Jacob was between my legs and laughing….laughing…laughing…..I hollered again for Mike to tell him that I was bathing in excrement – he came bolting into the bathroom and instead of grabbing the baby from me so I could get out of the tub – he was laughing too! I gave him THE look. The if you don’t get me out of this tub right now look you won’t have testicles anymore look – and he immediately responded and I was freed from the tub.

I think I have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome – I may need gradual exposure therapy before I am able to get back in that tub with my son.

A Boy’s Gotta Have Backup

Jacob loves him some pacifier!!! This morning he’s crawling around with one in his mouth and the other in his hand – if he stands up and cruises around the pacifiers are still in their places – one in mouth and one in hand. Just now he decided that he needed to change things up – so the one from his hand has swapped places with the one in his mouth – who would have thought that there was a system to this whole pacifier thing? A boy has gotta have backup I suppose.

Take THAT Montreal Canadians…

The Toronto Maple Leafs played the Montreal Canadians in an all out war to stay in the running for the playoffs. We wanted to take some pics of Jacob in his jersey before the hockey season was over – so we set him up in his Toronto Maple Leafs chair and let him know the Montreal Canadians were trying to give the leafs a run for their money. Needless to say….when I reviewed the pictures on the computer…it was obvious what Jacob thought of the Montreal Canadians.

I wonder what he’ll do if the Islanders win tomorrow and knock us out of our playoff spot.

***For all those out there who might raise an eyebrow…..this picture was in no way planned, Jacob was not positionned nor did we encourage him to have a hatred for the Montreal Canadians – this picture is purely coincidental although hilarious.

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Jacob got an Easter present early from his Nana on Friday since he was over visiting with her while Mama got some housework done and Daddy was out driving. He got a toy that is actually a push toy which assists with walking and since getting it he’s been zoom zoom zooming around the living room. The toy goes really fast and at first I was really nervous that he would fall but he is getting the hang of it and seems to really enjoy it. I think overall it was a GREAT gift and Jacob is enjoying having something NEW to captivate his attention!

Once Upon A Photo Shoot

Have I told you how much I love Jacob? I love him….A LOT – I love that he can make me laugh and smile EVERYDAY. I love that….I just love that he makes me so happy. Yesterday we were trying on some new summer clothes to see what will fit and what needs to be returned or exchanged and when I was reviewing the film – it was remarkable to see how many different facial expressioins Jacob was making over the course of a 15-20 minute photo shoot. THIS is why my life is so filled with excitement and laughter because when you look at this child – how could you not just smile? Here are some samples from our pictures yesterday!

People are always saying that Jacob is such a little flirt! I hope he’s not flirting with his Mama!

He was so focused on hitting the two balls together that I couldn’t get him to look at the camera.


I called out his name to get him to look at the camera and he just looked extremely shocked.


The toys on the floor were clearly much more important then anything Mama has to say.

Finally he stops what he’s doing and looks at me! Woohoo! So cute.

Lately Jacob’s been chowing down on anything he can get into his mouth!
Here come the teeth!

Ha ha….ok not really but you can just imagine it right?


Honestly Jacob don’t do it….it’s too confusing even to Mama!

This was our last photo of the day and it’s my new favourite picture of Jacob.