Our Little Fishie

I took Jacob to his first swimming class this morning and we had a blast! We signed up yesterday and started this morning at 10 am. I was slightly hesitant about taking him to the swim class as he has been so under the weather this morning but he seemed okay this morning – so off we went! I wanted to take some pictures but obviously I was not going to leave our very expensive SLR camera in the change room.

Yesterday when we were out at a local mall we purchased some Little Swimmer diapers for Jacob to wear today when he had his swim class. Since we do not know Jacob`s current weight we couldn`t decide on what size to get. The small size went from 16-26 pounds and the medium went from 24-34 pounds and since we are certain that Jacob is not more then 22 pounds at this point we went with size small. When we got to the locker room today at the pool I put one of these diapers on Jacob and they were just HUGE on him- they weren`t falling off of him but there certainly was A LOT of room to grow in them. I put him in his wet suit for the class and I`m carrying him out to the pool and what do I see? A trickle of pee just falling to the floor…there must have been a gaping hole around the legs because I just cannot imagine how that much pee could escape a diaper. So we put on a new diaper and rinsed the wet suit out before hoping in the pool.

I am slightly relieved that Jacob loved the pool – for some reason I envisioned a screaming baby in the water, thrashing and kicking about until I finally took him out; of course this wasn’t the case and I should have known better because after this is Jacob. Jacob was smiling and laughing and trying to jump out of my hands to catch the balls and toys in the water. Today’s lesson was getting the babies use to having their ears in the water and floating on their backs and tummies with their parents help! Jacob loved it….until he sneezed and his face went under the water and he got frightened! He survived and will live to tell the story!

Bye Bye Jesus….

We had a pretty good day yesterday afternoon. We went to see an Easter Passion Play with our friends (who we consider family) Lisa and Jim and Lisa’s mother and husband Marg and Mike at a local church. I’ve seen it several times in the past but this was the first time I was going to try and sit through it with an almost 10 month old. I expected that one of us would have to take Jacob out midway through the production because I mean really….what 10 month old can sit still AND quiet for 2 hour production. Well….apparently ours can.

We often get a lot of comments about what a happy baby Jacob is – about how well behaved and good natured he is – about how lucky we are that we have been blessed with a baby like him – and we weren’t suprised yesterday when Marg and Mike (who were meeting Jacob for the first time) commented after the show that they couldn’t believe how he just sat through the entire thing so happy and well behaved. In fact, as much as we beleive that Jacob is a “good baby” we ourselves were rather shocked that he was able to sit back through the majority of the production and just take it all in. I guess as parents we are use to what the behaviors of our child are because twice during the production Mike and I thought we would have to take Jacob out so that he didn’t disrupt the play – but apparently nobody blinked an eye or heard Jacob murmuring the way that we did. I think his ability was more a combination of the fact that he is a “good baby” and the fact that he LOVES music. This production was jam packed with musical numbers that were spaced out so perfectly that at the times that Jacob started fussing his attention was easily distracted to the singing and dancing occurring on stage.

Towards the end of the production Jacob really started paying attention to the people coming down the aisle, to the people up on stage, to the musical numbers that were happening and for those of you who have seen a Passion Play before you know the most poignant, dramatic, intense part is obviously the death of Jesus Christ on the cross…most of the people in the Church were Pentecostal and some of them were crying – well at this moment, as Jesus was walking down the aisle to “die” – Jacob turned to him as he passed our seat, smiled a big wide smile, and waved bye-bye. It just so happened that at that moment when Jacob was waving bye-bye and smiling – the man playing Jesus fell to his knees with the cross (as a part of the production) right by our seat – so now thousands of eyes were on this man and there in the spotlight was my son, waving bye bye to Jesus – I didn’t know if I was supposed to laugh or be mortified. The man playing Jesus got up and continued down the aisle to the stage and Jacob just kept waving bye bye, bye bye, bye bye…..

I wonder why he chose that moment to wave bye bye – I am certain he did not know what was going on…..but I will remember it for a very long time – the day we saw the Passion Play at a huge church that we dont’ belong too – where Jacob waved bye bye to Jesus.