Take THAT Montreal Canadians…

The Toronto Maple Leafs played the Montreal Canadians in an all out war to stay in the running for the playoffs. We wanted to take some pics of Jacob in his jersey before the hockey season was over – so we set him up in his Toronto Maple Leafs chair and let him know the Montreal Canadians were trying to give the leafs a run for their money. Needless to say….when I reviewed the pictures on the computer…it was obvious what Jacob thought of the Montreal Canadians.

I wonder what he’ll do if the Islanders win tomorrow and knock us out of our playoff spot.

***For all those out there who might raise an eyebrow…..this picture was in no way planned, Jacob was not positionned nor did we encourage him to have a hatred for the Montreal Canadians – this picture is purely coincidental although hilarious.

3 thoughts on “Take THAT Montreal Canadians…

  1. Classic! If you wanted him to do it, you know he never would’ve. This is one of the most hilarious pics I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t be surprised if some Hockey Fan doesn’t steal it, and Jacob becomes a celebrity.

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