The Puke Came Back The Very Next Day….

They thought it was a goner but the puke came back…it just couldn’t stay away.



After posting yesterday about how we were crawling out from under the vomit – I went into Jacob’s room about 20 minutes ago and found him sound asleep in a puddles of puke. Puke in his hair, puke on his face, puke on his pyjamas, bed sheets…I could go on and on and on….

We lifted him up to change him , wash him, comfort him, love him….and just in case there wasn’t ENOUGH puke in the crib…he vomited again – a big ole second helping – or maybe it was a third helping….who knows – we were not there to witness the first explosion.

So…I’m asking – if there is a bodily fluid god out there……

Could you please have mercy on our son – Like just for a litle while…..

Pretty please?

With sugar on top?

2 thoughts on “The Puke Came Back The Very Next Day….

  1. haha….I only had to deal with Jacob…I was super quick because I didn’t want him to wake all the way up! I confess that Mike was the one that cleaned the bed sheet and put a new one on! I’m not super mom! LOL

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