The Rumble Came From Below

Jacob enjoys taking baths with his parents so much. Today it was Mommy’s turn to get in the tub and splash around with her son in the water. Jacob really enjoys the water and from the second he gets in the tub he is usually happy as pie. On this occasion he just sort of sat in the water looking at me perplexed – like he was pondering what he was supposed to be doing in the water. I tried hard to engage him into our usual back and forth splashing routine but he was disinterested and quiet. i sort of shrugged it off and just began washing him…..until I heard it…..

The bath tub rumbled….

The water rippled….

Bubbles rose to the surface….

I surely had a look of panic across my face and Jacob was laughing – hysterically. It only took a moment before small flecks of brown starting rising to the surface of the water and I was hollering for Mike to come get Jacob out of the tub. I tried to get out of the water but Jacob was between my legs and laughing….laughing…laughing…..I hollered again for Mike to tell him that I was bathing in excrement – he came bolting into the bathroom and instead of grabbing the baby from me so I could get out of the tub – he was laughing too! I gave him THE look. The if you don’t get me out of this tub right now look you won’t have testicles anymore look – and he immediately responded and I was freed from the tub.

I think I have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome – I may need gradual exposure therapy before I am able to get back in that tub with my son.

3 thoughts on “The Rumble Came From Below

  1. HEH. I only took a couple of baths with Aleah. The last was when I took a bath of excrement with her. Due to her tummy issues, she pooed quite a lot, and with no illeosecal valve, it was always runny, so there were no flecks when she blew, and blew she did.

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