35000 More…..

The pentagon has sent orders for another 35,000 troops to deploy to Iraq. This news makes me angry, sad, disappointed.

I have had people tell me, that as a Canadian I do not have the “right” to feel angered by this because it affects Americans only. To these people I say… are these deployed soldiers not humans? Am I not a human? Do they not breath, walk, talk, live like I do? I have every right to feel frustration and concern for them.

I pray for their protection – that they all would return home safely to the people and lives that love them and want them.

I encourage the American government to hold true to their promise of bringing a finality to this war, to this battle and bring the troops home to safety and love. Where they belong.

2 thoughts on “35000 More…..

  1. My brother got lucky. He’s going to Afghanistan. He got a choice. It was there for 6 months or Iraq for 4 months.

  2. I’d take Afghanistan for 6 months hands down over Iraq doe 4 months. I will keep him in my thoughts for you Manda…that he returns safely.

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