Bad Computer, Bad Bad Computer

For the second time since we got it two months ago…our laptop has failed us. The first week we brought it home, the battery pack died – thankfully at that point it was still under the return policy at Best Buy so we just returned it and got a new one. The second one (the one we currently have) has had no problems until this past weekend when….we woke up in the morning to find that our hard drive had malfunctioned.

I do not know much about hard drives or computers for that matter but I know enough that I am NOT happy that I have very limited internet access until we take the laptop in to be fixed. In order to do that we need to first find the receipt. It’s in a very special place so that we would be able to find it when and IF we needed it. Well…the time is here that we need it AND we can’t remember where we put it – so we’ll be frantically searching our home for this receipt for the next couple of days. Until said receipt is located – I will have to suffer with very limited access to the internet. I’m sure all my readers are thrilled. Ha!

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