Happy Birthday to an Angel & her Sister.

You may recall a short while ago that I wrote of a sweet baby who had been taken from the world all too soon. It was a death that has shaken a lot of people I’m sure but most importantly her parents…no doubt.

Today in my blog I would like to wish the sweet angel in heaven Aleah a very happy birthday! God bless you kiddo 🙂 You may not be physically here today but everyone who knew you or knew of you…knows that beyond a doubt that you are still very much here….in everything. Sweet Aleah, has left behind a twin sister who is also celebrating her first birthday today. I wish her a day filled with love and closeness with those that are here with her physically and those that are with her spiritually. God bless both of you on your first birthday!

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girls
Happy Birthday to You!!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to an Angel & her Sister.

  1. I just wrote Kaija an email telling her that when I felt sorrow today, when I felt like I wanted to break down, I just thought of all the people lifting me up. Thanks for not dropping me.

  2. Always here Manda…not going anywhere or anytime soon. Keep your chin up as best as you can…if it gets too heavy let some of us prop it up for you. Sorrow is at it’s heaviest on the days that we are forced to remember what could have been. Perhaps tomorrow the pain of today will ease some…even if its the smallest fraction of a shift…it’s something. HUGS

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