June 9th – A Bittersweet Day

Four years ago on June 9th my uncle Dan died in his sleep. His death was sudden and unexpected. I was really affected by his death – he was like a father to me my entire life when a relationship with my own father was non-existent. His death was heart wrenching and every year on the anniversary of his death I experienced the sadness of his loss from this world. I miss him a whole lot.

Last year I was pregnant with Jacob and due to give birth to him sometime in the second week of July. While we had not chosen a first name we knew without a doubt that he would have the middle name of my uncle – Daniel. It was very shocking and overwhelming for us on June 6th when we learned that I was to have an emergency induction of labor due to low amniotic fluid. My induction was lengthy – most people who go into an induction have a baby in their arms no more then 24 hours later. When the 6th, turned into the 7th, and the 7th into the 8th….It occurred to me…that the next day would be the 9th of June – the day my uncle unexpectedly was taken from my life and the lives of other family members. I started to worry for my grandmother – the mother of my late uncle Dan – and I was concerned that if Jacob was born on the 9th it would be too hard for people to be happy. Mike and I talked about this at length as my labor continued for another 24 hours into the 9th day of June….and then…

At 7:03 p.m. on Friday June 9th …Mr. J acob Daniel was born by emergency c-section. My grandmother – whom I was the most concerned about reported that we had made a bad day good again. I felt this too. We had reclaimed the 9th day of the sixth month as day of happiness again. The sadness will always linger…the memories of my uncle Dan will always be close to my heart…but fate aligned it this way – that Jacob Daniel would be born on the day the Man he is named after died. My induction and delivery was long, painful, exhausting, and many other things…but the fear of what was happening was eased by this thought that my uncle was there with us….helping us along.

June 9th….

What a day for our family.

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