Mother’s Day Done….

First I want to share a video that brought a little laughter to my day. Just click on the link.

The Landlord

Well mother’s day is drawing to an end. It’s been a fun day.

This morning I got up with Jacob and we went to give hugs to Daddy.

Daddy took Jacob and went into the living room and came back with presents! THREE PRESENTS!!! The first one was a new Willowtree figurine called Tenderness that has a mother holding onto a toddler boy. The second gift was a yum-o smelling apple strawberry candle…and finally the last gift was a White Gold and Diamonds heart pendant.

We went out to brunch with Mike’s mom and I had a western and cheese omlette! Jacob had a 1/2 a pancake…it was yummy. After brunch we all went up to the nurseries to pick out some flowers to plant in boxes. After we got home Mike’s mom helped set them all up and then Mike and I spent some time tidying up and resting since the entire household is recovering from colds.

My mother and her husband came over for Swiss Chalet dinner and I got to give my mom presents from Jacob, my brother and I. Mike and Dan played the Wii while mom played with Jacob.

All in all it was a fun day. Mother’s Day is over and now we move on to the next celebration…

Mike’s mom’s birthday, Father’s Day, Jacob’s birthday, My birthday, Mike’s sister in law’s birthday, My mom’s birthday, and the birth of my best friend’s baby….so yea…the list goes on and on and on and on and on….you get the picture.

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