That crazy Zoo song….

That crazy zoo song that use to play on the TV all the time got in my head and I couldn’t get it out. It just kept repeating itself over and over again in my head….mocking me with it’s happiness and annoyances – “We’re going to the ZOO ZOO ZOO…you can come TOO TOO TOO..cus we’re going to the ZOO ZOO ZOO!!”. And so…yesterday…we went to the Zoo. It was much more entertaining then the song.

I think as Jacob gets older and we have one MAYBE two more children (doubtful) we might consider getting a yearly membership. There was so much to do and I completely didn’t know that it was open year round. In Toronto we have the THIRD biggest zoo in the world. It’s awesome…..I was slightly saddened by the overall surroundings at the zoo – the footprints were so dull and the paint was wearing off; It’s clear the zoo needs some funding to do some major repair.

We seemed to walk around the zoo for hours. It was A LOT of fun seeing all the animals and almost every single one of them was outside on display. The best of the day was the baby cheetahs and baby orangutans. It was fun to just spend time together as a family and with Jacob’s godparents Lisa and Jim. Jacob got to spend some time walking around on his Daddy’s shoulders which he thought was super cool.
We all started the day thinking it would be just average temperatures but by mid-morning it was very hot; luckily Mommy remembered to grab some shorts for Jacob so he didn’t have to spend the day in jeans! Smart thinking Mommy! We paid extra money to ride the zoomobile around the zoo during those times when our feet seem so tired that they were dragging! It was fun but trust me the tour guides on these things needs some serious work on their comedy.

We took tons of pictures of the animals but I’ll post my favourite animal of the day! The elephant! I could watch the elephants all day long – they just seem so amazing to me! GIANT! One of the elephants took a pee and a dunk in front of us – the urine was shooting out of it like perhaps a dam had been broken. It was both exciting and creepy at the same time. Perhaps the grand finale of the whole thing was the big dunk splashing into the giant puddle. I imagine if anyone was close at that exact moment it would be a very disturbing situation.

Overall, the trip to the zoo was pretty good. I was worried I wasn’t going to enjoy it as much as I have in the past – but this was not the case. It was great to hang out with family and just spend the day watching and learning.

Who knows what the summer may bring. Perhaps we will find ourselves at the zoo again….then we might kick ourselves for not purchasing the annual pass. So…I’m giving a shout out to the Toronto Zoo….if you’re ever in town..check it out! It looks like it could seriously use some funds!

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