The things they know…that you thought they didn’t….

I am amazed by the things that Jacob does. On a daily basis I find myself wowed at something he has done that stands out to me as something I would have never guessed he could do.

Just a moment ago he did something so intriguing to me. For Christmas Jacob received the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn home that has a variety features about it. One of the many exciting things the Home offers is a radio box that plays a variety of songs. The home has been situated in our living room since Christmas and Jacob has played with the various buttons and actions that it can do. I never thought much about it…when he was 7 months old he could figure out how to open and close the window…and by 7.5 months he would crawl over to it and perform this task when we said “up….down” (which is what the sounds on the home say when you open and close the window). I know this sounds very boring to you…but it was interesting to us as new parents….but this is not the reason I am writing this entry. Just a moment ago….Jacob was sitting on the floor pulling cards out of my wallet as he occasionally enjoys doing…and I said out loud “It’s bumper to bumper on the rainbow bridge” which is the start of one of the songs that the radio box plays. Well wouldn’t you know it….but…..Jacob crawled over and pushed the button that played that song. I was amazed that 1. he could recognize the song I started singing and connect it to the Home and then 2. crawl over and start the song by pushing the right button. It’s overwhelming to think of how fast he is learning…everyday must bring new thoughts and ideas to him.

Another thing that is amazing me is his ability to use the sign language we have been teaching him. I will admit that in the beginning I was really skeptical of this whole idea – that infants could learn to communicate through sign language but it seems that our work in this area has paid off. Jacob can sign for “more” food which has also helped him to say the actual word “more” and he can sign for “milk” although he’d do this all day if we’d let him. We are also using the signs for Mommy, Daddy, Eat, Sleep, Milk, and Diaper although we don’t use them as often as we should. I honestly hope that we will have all of these signs accomplished to help us through those difficult toddler days when we can’t understand what is going on for him.

Anyways I’m sitting here in the sweltering heat and the laptop is getting hot so I think it needs a break. This is me….Melissa…signing off.

One thought on “The things they know…that you thought they didn’t….

  1. bumper to bumper on the rainbow bridge! the laugh & learn house is awesome. i like it as a dad too…cuz you can make music with it! check it out:

    anyone with “bumper to bumper on the rainbow bridge” stuck in his or her head should like that….i hope!

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