Party Planning…..

Some people haven’t RSVP’d for Jacob’s birthday party this weekend. I was contemplating calling them up to see what their plans were – if they were attending or not but I’ve done all the research I can and from what I read its bad ettiquette to call people up and ask “are you coming?” so I’m going to assume that the people are not coming and if they show up it’s like a bonus I guess. I wouldn’t call people for a party for myself so I assume I shouldn’t call people for a party for my son.

RSVP’s have trickled in over the past couple days…one from my aunt who stated she mean’t to call earlier but forgot and one from my friend’s mother who understandibly has been busy moving into a new house – she can be forgiven. I think maybe there’s 10-14 people whom we haven’t heard from….so it’s not all that bad – and the truth is I’m more disappointed that we haven’t heard from them because it means they migh not be there and I’m excited to see everyone again and celebrate Jacob’s birthday…..I could care less about the’s not about wanting more people to come to get more presents…Jacob has enough “stuff”..everything any infant his age could ever need. I just wanna see people and have a good time!

I think it will be a good time for all…..about 30 people….and about 10 kids….I think…..unless the people who haven’t RSVP’d show up……

Just 3 more days till Party Day!

One thought on “Party Planning…..

  1. RSVP is a pet peeve of mine. I don’t invite people again if they don’t RSVP. It’s common courtesy. I had a few people who didn’t respond to Ada’s party either. One was the “friend” who decided she wasn’t going to talk to me because of my blog. The invite was a test, and when she didn’t RSVP, then well, oh well.

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