Shame on You Larry King…..

I have not had the energy to write in my blog…but something recently has sparked a fire that must be released….

Last night famed documentary creator Michael Moore was scheduled to appear on Larry King Live to speak on his new film SICKO. I have seen this film and in true Michael Moore fashion it is brilliant…as always he does go to the extreme in his bias but the facts are the facts. Why was Michael Moore bumped from the show to another night…because Paris Hilton had agreed to give her very first post-jail interview to Larry King…..


Paris Hilton…sex video, simple life, air headed, “that’s hot”, dui….Paris Hilton?

Who are we kidding when we exalt this status of her’s by bumping Michael Moore from his interview. Do that many American’s really care about how tragic and depressing it was for Paris Hilton to live for 20 days without her spa, and room service, and hair extensions? Do you remember Michael Moore? He was the one who challenges people to think differently…in Bowling for Columbine he challenged us to think about gun control…in Farenheit 911 he blatantly shifted the minds of thousands on that tragic day…this is Michael Moore…the man who invites us all to think that it is possible that how things appear through the media are not truly so. You may not agree with everything he says or that he stands for…but please acknowledge that he invites people to think outside the box……

And so we see what truly appeals to the media….Michael Moore was bumped from Larry King Live…and replaced with Paris Hilton… apparently is much more important to know about her cell with a bunkbed and a sink attached to the wall then to hear about the millions of peopel being SCAMMED by thier INSURANCE companies…..being turned down for services they need to live….paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in hospital bills because the HMO’s were able to find a loop hole in their application….babies are dying….people are being denied cancer treatments….losing their homes to medical bills….and yet….

We chose to uplift Paris Hilton……someone who could afford to pay for all those things if she needed them….

I have seen SICKO and it is intuitive and miraculous….

Larry King you chose most unwisely.

One thought on “Shame on You Larry King…..

  1. Didn’t you hear? She found God in jail. Breaking news. Send Micheal Moore my way. I’ve got a story for him! It’s not just HMO’s that suck.

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