He Loves Himself SO Much

Today Jacob discovered his reflection in the glass doors of our TV cabinet. It only took a moment before he realized that he could see everything about himself in the glass. He sat there talking and touching the door and telling it stories like he was catching up with an old friend over a vodka and tonic. I wondered if he knew it was his own reflection or if he thougth miraculously another child had entered our apartment to converse with him. I wondered if he realized this person in the glass wasn’t talking back to him….I asked him where is Jacob and he pointed to the glass so I interpreted this as him being pretty darn sure this kid in the door was himself….and then it became even more obvious as he started kissing himself in the door…and then I realized he loves himself so much…..maybe too much….LOL….

Hey…a kid needs to have good self esteem right?

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