Some new pics….

We tried on some of the clothes that I bought ahead for fall…I pulled em all out and we tried to see what we thought would fit and what wouldn’t. Most of the tops seem like they’ll be right on target for the fall in terms of sizing but good gosh the boy needs some legs!!! Anyways here’s a few…Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Some new pics….

  1. Those are such cute pictures! Jacob’s afflicted with the same short-leggedness Fritz has. My poor boy has an 18 month size waist and slightly shorter than 12 month legs.

    ~Heather (Butter)

  2. What a cutie! I think it must be a boy thing, Austin wears 18-24 months in onesies and 12 months in bottoms! hahah, poor kids šŸ™‚

    ~Aaron (NewbieMommy)

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