It’s Contagious!

It seems as though every couple of days I am learning that someone else is pregnant. I went back to work to learn that two of my colleauges are expecting babies in November and February; both of them expecting boys which doesn’t surprise me since we all have boys at work. THEN it seems that everyday someone from my online birth club JustMommies is announcing that they got a BFP – or a big fat positive pregnancy test for those of you in my life completey unfamiliarized with online jargon. I’ve known the vast majority of these girls since October 2005 when I first joined having had my own BFP and so I am incredibly happy for everyone last one of you pregnant people and wish you all the best but I ask you all one HUGE favour….


HAHA! I am not seeking to become pregnant any time soon and so it seems when you are trying to avoid thinking about something – of course it is present all around you. I get those days where I can hear my womb weeping for a baby but I can usually smack some sense into it and we’re back to remembering how much we LOVE this age right now with Jacob and how we are so not ready for another little human to fill our lives with spitup, poop, crying, lack of sleep….oh and uhh love – right lets not forget love. It’s so not our time. I’m so in love with what we have going on right now that it seems impossible to throw another child in the mix – for me that would be like dropping the baby in the ocean and saying okay swim.

And so….to all you preggo’s…may your life and not mine be filled with a happy and healthy nine (really ten but we were all deceived as teenagers) months! May you all keep having babies so that I can remind myself that I’m not ready….yet….

The Daily Routine

Our life is settling into a sort of routine. It happened completely by accident but I’ve become accustomed to it as have the two men in my life. I’ve never supposed myself to be a creature of habit or routine but life is proving to be just that. I LOVE being a mother. It’s something that just feels so right and perfect for me and right now I am just LOVING being Jacob’s mother. He is the most hilarious, happy, fun kiddo – I have no complaints about him. He makes our morning routine so much fun – so much so that every time I leave for work I wish I was staying home and then I realize how much fun it is to come home and see him all excited to see me. He really really got bored of me when I was home with him for 13 months.

Every morning my alarm goes off between 530 and 6 a.m. and (depending on how many times I hit the snooze button) I peel myself from the bed in an almost comatose state of being. I drag my feet all the way to the bathroom where I relieve the bursting bladder. After a quick hand wash I manage to find enough energy to take a shower which in the end is like a RED BULL – pumping my heart full of adrenaline and shaking me from my somber state. I mostly enjoy my showers – except for mornings like today where my bed is a paradise beckoning me back for another stay at the all inclusive resort. By the time my shower is over and I’m running around trying to get things down half dressed, I can hear baby tad shouting at my from Jacob’s room…”ONE MINUTE, TWO MINUTES, THREE MINUTES TO NIGHT NIGHT” and I laugh cus I’m thinking tad is so deceived – it’s not night time….you’re getting your arse up too tad and Jacob is making sure of it. I push the door open to Jacob’s room and he leaps up like I’m the most exciting thing in the world. As soon as he’s in my arms he pats my shoulder as if to say thanks for taking me out of baby jail Mama and then he wants down and he toddles off around the house looking for toys to play with.

At this point in our morning routine I wake Mike up. 5 minutes later I wake him up again. 1 minute later I’m poking him and pulling the blankets off him in the bed because if he doesn’t get up at that EXACT moment I’ll miss my Go Train and therefore be late for work. Mike hauls himself out of bed, takes a pee and grabs a diaper as he passes Jacob’s door. He changes Jacob’s diaper while I pick out some clothes for Jacob to wear – which I then toss at him mid diaper change. I go to the kitchen rummage through the cupboards to try and come up with some sort of interesting lunch concotion then I check my message forums and read my email. After Jacob is dressed and Mike has nodded off twice or maybe three times – I pack up my bag for work while Mike checks his email and gets Jacob’s milk ready. Jacob sits on my lap and I give him his bottle and he downs in it like a minute and then he’s off again. All of a sudden before I know it – it’s 7:10 a.m. and my mother is downstairs waiting for me to get my exhausted self to the car so we can go to the train station. Jacob waves and says bye bye and gives me one of those sloppy open mouthed toddler kisses and I’m out the door.

This same thing happens exactyly like this every single morning and we like it because it works for us. I feel REALLY tired at night but I still just LOVE coming home to Jacob and Mike and we do our family thing. Family just works for us. It’s had its up and downs no doubt but quite frankly we got blessed with a baby that slept at night, never cried, and was generally happy all around…I’m thinking our next child is REALLY going to put on a show.

The Attack of the Killer Bra

Yesterday I was getting ready to go about my day my bra attacked me – even drawing blood. How is this possible you may ask? Well it is highly possible and I am prepared to bore you all with the grim details. We got a new couch yesterday and as Mike and Danny were preparing to bring it up from the truck downstairs I rushed to put a bra on. Yes ladies and gentlemen of the jury – I like to go braless at home – there is usually only 10 seconds between the time I walk through the front door and the time the bra is undone. It just feels more comfy. Don’t bug me.

Anyways as I was rushing to put the bra on the underwire snapped in half and sliced me across my back. Now I would have never guessed that the underwire of a bra would be capable of drawing blood – but trust me it did. There was about a 4-5 inch gash across my back and Mike needed to put some pressure on it to make it stop bleeding. We affixed a bandage and now I am at work in pain because the bra I am wearing today is resting painfully on my killer bra injury. Fun huh?

Oh and I have PMS. Gotta love it.

Let’s Go To The EX

This past weekend we went to the Canadian National Exhibtion – also know as the C.N.E – also know to us Torontonians as THE EX!!! We usually go every year and spend more time seeing the buildings then going on the rides since Mike and I are not huge fair ride people.

The C.N.E is the LARGEST fair in all of Canada and it usually signifies the ending of summer for all of us in Toronto. We all know when the C.N.E. comes to town the kids are going back to school the day after it leaves us. Jacob was exhausted as could be expected from being out in the sun but overall we had a good time. Mike really wanted to see the street car models that were being displayed for potential purchase by the TTC so Jacob got a chance to sit in the drivers seat!!

After spending some time – hours – browsing the vendors in the various buildings, we went to the indoor farm to see the animals! Jacob loved it! LOVED it!

We took Jacob for a ride on the EX train since he LOVES trains right now!

Jacob was not tall enough to ride any of the kiddy rides so we had to pass but we did let him watch the other kids go round and round on the merry go round – he wasn’t very impressed!

We saw a walking tree man which was cool and weird but nevertheless Mike and Jacob posed for a picture. He reminded Mike of some character from the Lord of the Rings books and movies so we stopped to say hello – whatever.

Jacob tried his very first Tiny Tom donut ( a C.N.E. tradition) and then we were on our happy way home – all of us tired from the 6 hours of walking we did! The C.N.E. rolls out of town next Weekend after the airshow – since we have free passes we might go again to let Jacob see the airplanes.

Chopped Locks


We took Jacob to have a haircut today – his first ever haircut! His hair had been getting really long in the back – so long in fact that I could almost give him a ponytail – and I thought perhaps it was time to do what I had been avoiding for the past couple of months. We loaded up in the car and headed to the shopping mall to a place called Melonheads. It’s a hair salon specifically for children and trust me those ladies know what they are doing.


The hair cut was done and over in about 10 minutes and this hair dresser knew exactly how to deal with a rambunctious toddler. In the end Jacob looked like such a little boy that I was overwhelmed! It was so much fun and he enjoyed the whole experience!


The Fall is Coming! The Fall is Coming!

The fall is my FAVOURITE time of year and YES it is almost here! Last weekend was the opening of the Canadian National Exhibition and as it rolled into town so did the cooler weather. Everyone in Toronto knows that when the C.N.E. comes to town – autumn is just around the corner – and frankly my dear bloggy people – I AM STINKIN HAPPY.

I am not a fan of hot or cold extremes and much prefer my weather somewhere in the middle of the range – 10-14 celcius is PERFECT for me and when does that weather come???? SEPTEMBER! Wooooohawwww!!!

It’s August 24th and I can already picture the leaves turning their beautiful shades of gold, red, amber… could you not like the fall. I am excited about Jacob’s trip to the pumpkin patch, halloween, fall trips to the park, thanksgiving….so much to look forward to.

So in honour of my favourite season and it’s grand entrance which will be coming soon – I took some pictures of my son in his pumpkin patch outfit – which he’ll wear a ton this fall! We had to make sure if fit (which it was mostly too big) and I just love to take cute pictures of him – so how could I resist.

Trash Can Snacks

Oh MY FREAKING GOSH! I have been so busy that I have neglected my blog for some time now. Life is just zipping buy too fast these days that I’m struggling to find time to wipe myself after I pee – nevermind to keep all the bloggy people happy with topsy turvy toddler updates. So bloggy people here is our update *insert bells and whistles here*.

I think right now Jacob is at my most favourite stage so far. I feel like everything he does right now is so freaking hilarious because really it is. He is by far the most curious individual I have ever known and on top of curiousity he has this memory that is made of STONE. Let me disgust you all with a little of our craziness the past day. Last night our family enjoyed a dinner I prepared consisting of Lasagna and Garlic Bread – Jacob had some Lasagna but no Garlic Bread – he clearly wanted it but I didn’t want to carb overload him. Last night as Mike was doing dishes he threw one of the leftover pieces of garlic bread into the trash can. Normally Jacob could care less about what goes in the garbage can but not today! We deprived him and he wanted that garlic bread! It took every ounce of Daddy power Mike had to prevent Jacob from getting into the trash can to retrieve the crusty stale bread! Adter sleeping all night Jacob got up and the kitchen was blocked off like Fort Knox – honestly we have to do this because the kitchen is FAR too exciting for a toddler. Anyways….truth be told I didn’t do a very good job securing the FORT because I ran to the bathroom and came back to the kitchen to find…..*insert horror movie music here* JACOB ON THE FLOOR EATING THE FREAKING GARLIC BREAD that was in the trash can from last night! GROSS ME THE HECK OUT! That’s all I’m saying. Somehow Jacob had broken through the Fort Knox security to get that stupid piece of bread that was now even more stale and chomp on it. I wanted to barf. I proceeded to tell Jacob it was yucky and put it in the trash can again and close the lid….AGAIN…then I escorted him out of the kitchen and resecured the the Fort – this time more like Alcatraz and less like Fort Knox. I can laugh about it right now – but in the moment I was mortified.

Is it the end of the world that my son took a bite out of a piece of garlic bread that sat in the trash can over night? NO….and that has nothing to do with the fact that it was sitting on a folded up cheerios box and more to do with the fact that worse things can happen in life. Being the mom of a toddler has taught me ALOT about not sweating the small stuff…..I mean at least he didn’t break into the cabinets and take a swig off the old draino bottle right? Worse things could have happened – I’ll just keep telling myself that and it makes the world where my son eats from the trash can seem okay. After his morning trash can snack we sat down and read the wheels on the bus book 17 times before I told him that it was ok to ask for food – that Mommy and Daddy would give him it if he was hungry – and he looked at me and I knew exactly what he was thinking…..

Yea Lady…but you wouldn’t give me the darn garlic bread now would ya?

What Did They Do For The Cookie?

I frequent some boards where we talk about Children’s clothing and where and hot to get good deals on good quality clothes. Basically it’s a bunch of mom’s who all have the same hobby….SHOPPING!! Anyways, someone I’d consider a friend on that board posted that she’d love to get this shirt for her son because it was cute…it is right??? ALOT of people chimed in that they also thought the shirt was cute – but eventually it resulted in a full fledged debate because apparently the shirt is too sexualized for an infant with violent conotations and yadda yadda yadda….anyways this blog is not about debating….so I won’t bore you all with the details but I wanted to show you all the shirt…..So here it is…..

So then I got to thinking surely there must be some girls clothes made by gap that have sayings on them… I looked around trying to find posts on the other forums about gap shirts for girls and how inappropriate they are. Hmm….So I went to the gap site and found this shirt….

And so I ask you this…..since the boys shirt is demeaning to women and has sexual inuendo’s…then what are those girls doing to get themselves the cookies? Explain it to me please. I still think there’s a double standard when it comes to boys vs girls….nobody’s complaining about the cookie shirt….silly.

Jacob Meets Sofia…..

Today we went to see my niece Sofia now that she is home from the hospital. YAY! She was so cute and small – hard to imagine Jacob was tiny like that a year ago – in fact even smaller if that’s possible! Jacob really was not that interested in her but he was definitely interested in her toys! Especially her darn bouncy chair! Keeping him out of that was difficult – funnily enough the kid has zero interest in his own infant to toddler rocker. Here is a pic of their first meeting!!

Then of course I had to take a lot of pictures of Sofia! This is perhaps my most favourite since she was born!