It’s Contagious!

It seems as though every couple of days I am learning that someone else is pregnant. I went back to work to learn that two of my colleauges are expecting babies in November and February; both of them expecting boys which doesn’t surprise me since we all have boys at work. THEN it seems that everyday someone from my online birth club JustMommies is announcing that they got a BFP – or a big fat positive pregnancy test for those of you in my life completey unfamiliarized with online jargon. I’ve known the vast majority of these girls since October 2005 when I first joined having had my own BFP and so I am incredibly happy for everyone last one of you pregnant people and wish you all the best but I ask you all one HUGE favour….


HAHA! I am not seeking to become pregnant any time soon and so it seems when you are trying to avoid thinking about something – of course it is present all around you. I get those days where I can hear my womb weeping for a baby but I can usually smack some sense into it and we’re back to remembering how much we LOVE this age right now with Jacob and how we are so not ready for another little human to fill our lives with spitup, poop, crying, lack of sleep….oh and uhh love – right lets not forget love. It’s so not our time. I’m so in love with what we have going on right now that it seems impossible to throw another child in the mix – for me that would be like dropping the baby in the ocean and saying okay swim.

And so….to all you preggo’s…may your life and not mine be filled with a happy and healthy nine (really ten but we were all deceived as teenagers) months! May you all keep having babies so that I can remind myself that I’m not ready….yet….

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