The Attack of the Killer Bra

Yesterday I was getting ready to go about my day my bra attacked me – even drawing blood. How is this possible you may ask? Well it is highly possible and I am prepared to bore you all with the grim details. We got a new couch yesterday and as Mike and Danny were preparing to bring it up from the truck downstairs I rushed to put a bra on. Yes ladies and gentlemen of the jury – I like to go braless at home – there is usually only 10 seconds between the time I walk through the front door and the time the bra is undone. It just feels more comfy. Don’t bug me.

Anyways as I was rushing to put the bra on the underwire snapped in half and sliced me across my back. Now I would have never guessed that the underwire of a bra would be capable of drawing blood – but trust me it did. There was about a 4-5 inch gash across my back and Mike needed to put some pressure on it to make it stop bleeding. We affixed a bandage and now I am at work in pain because the bra I am wearing today is resting painfully on my killer bra injury. Fun huh?

Oh and I have PMS. Gotta love it.

One thought on “The Attack of the Killer Bra

  1. that sucker must be under some extreme pressure! 🙂 I go braless at home too…. and pantiless most of the time. kaija told me she goes commando too…. all except drs appointments. isn’t there an old redneck joke about only wearing underwear on sundays?

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