The Daily Routine

Our life is settling into a sort of routine. It happened completely by accident but I’ve become accustomed to it as have the two men in my life. I’ve never supposed myself to be a creature of habit or routine but life is proving to be just that. I LOVE being a mother. It’s something that just feels so right and perfect for me and right now I am just LOVING being Jacob’s mother. He is the most hilarious, happy, fun kiddo – I have no complaints about him. He makes our morning routine so much fun – so much so that every time I leave for work I wish I was staying home and then I realize how much fun it is to come home and see him all excited to see me. He really really got bored of me when I was home with him for 13 months.

Every morning my alarm goes off between 530 and 6 a.m. and (depending on how many times I hit the snooze button) I peel myself from the bed in an almost comatose state of being. I drag my feet all the way to the bathroom where I relieve the bursting bladder. After a quick hand wash I manage to find enough energy to take a shower which in the end is like a RED BULL – pumping my heart full of adrenaline and shaking me from my somber state. I mostly enjoy my showers – except for mornings like today where my bed is a paradise beckoning me back for another stay at the all inclusive resort. By the time my shower is over and I’m running around trying to get things down half dressed, I can hear baby tad shouting at my from Jacob’s room…”ONE MINUTE, TWO MINUTES, THREE MINUTES TO NIGHT NIGHT” and I laugh cus I’m thinking tad is so deceived – it’s not night time….you’re getting your arse up too tad and Jacob is making sure of it. I push the door open to Jacob’s room and he leaps up like I’m the most exciting thing in the world. As soon as he’s in my arms he pats my shoulder as if to say thanks for taking me out of baby jail Mama and then he wants down and he toddles off around the house looking for toys to play with.

At this point in our morning routine I wake Mike up. 5 minutes later I wake him up again. 1 minute later I’m poking him and pulling the blankets off him in the bed because if he doesn’t get up at that EXACT moment I’ll miss my Go Train and therefore be late for work. Mike hauls himself out of bed, takes a pee and grabs a diaper as he passes Jacob’s door. He changes Jacob’s diaper while I pick out some clothes for Jacob to wear – which I then toss at him mid diaper change. I go to the kitchen rummage through the cupboards to try and come up with some sort of interesting lunch concotion then I check my message forums and read my email. After Jacob is dressed and Mike has nodded off twice or maybe three times – I pack up my bag for work while Mike checks his email and gets Jacob’s milk ready. Jacob sits on my lap and I give him his bottle and he downs in it like a minute and then he’s off again. All of a sudden before I know it – it’s 7:10 a.m. and my mother is downstairs waiting for me to get my exhausted self to the car so we can go to the train station. Jacob waves and says bye bye and gives me one of those sloppy open mouthed toddler kisses and I’m out the door.

This same thing happens exactyly like this every single morning and we like it because it works for us. I feel REALLY tired at night but I still just LOVE coming home to Jacob and Mike and we do our family thing. Family just works for us. It’s had its up and downs no doubt but quite frankly we got blessed with a baby that slept at night, never cried, and was generally happy all around…I’m thinking our next child is REALLY going to put on a show.

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