Trash Can Snacks

Oh MY FREAKING GOSH! I have been so busy that I have neglected my blog for some time now. Life is just zipping buy too fast these days that I’m struggling to find time to wipe myself after I pee – nevermind to keep all the bloggy people happy with topsy turvy toddler updates. So bloggy people here is our update *insert bells and whistles here*.

I think right now Jacob is at my most favourite stage so far. I feel like everything he does right now is so freaking hilarious because really it is. He is by far the most curious individual I have ever known and on top of curiousity he has this memory that is made of STONE. Let me disgust you all with a little of our craziness the past day. Last night our family enjoyed a dinner I prepared consisting of Lasagna and Garlic Bread – Jacob had some Lasagna but no Garlic Bread – he clearly wanted it but I didn’t want to carb overload him. Last night as Mike was doing dishes he threw one of the leftover pieces of garlic bread into the trash can. Normally Jacob could care less about what goes in the garbage can but not today! We deprived him and he wanted that garlic bread! It took every ounce of Daddy power Mike had to prevent Jacob from getting into the trash can to retrieve the crusty stale bread! Adter sleeping all night Jacob got up and the kitchen was blocked off like Fort Knox – honestly we have to do this because the kitchen is FAR too exciting for a toddler. Anyways….truth be told I didn’t do a very good job securing the FORT because I ran to the bathroom and came back to the kitchen to find…..*insert horror movie music here* JACOB ON THE FLOOR EATING THE FREAKING GARLIC BREAD that was in the trash can from last night! GROSS ME THE HECK OUT! That’s all I’m saying. Somehow Jacob had broken through the Fort Knox security to get that stupid piece of bread that was now even more stale and chomp on it. I wanted to barf. I proceeded to tell Jacob it was yucky and put it in the trash can again and close the lid….AGAIN…then I escorted him out of the kitchen and resecured the the Fort – this time more like Alcatraz and less like Fort Knox. I can laugh about it right now – but in the moment I was mortified.

Is it the end of the world that my son took a bite out of a piece of garlic bread that sat in the trash can over night? NO….and that has nothing to do with the fact that it was sitting on a folded up cheerios box and more to do with the fact that worse things can happen in life. Being the mom of a toddler has taught me ALOT about not sweating the small stuff…..I mean at least he didn’t break into the cabinets and take a swig off the old draino bottle right? Worse things could have happened – I’ll just keep telling myself that and it makes the world where my son eats from the trash can seem okay. After his morning trash can snack we sat down and read the wheels on the bus book 17 times before I told him that it was ok to ask for food – that Mommy and Daddy would give him it if he was hungry – and he looked at me and I knew exactly what he was thinking…..

Yea Lady…but you wouldn’t give me the darn garlic bread now would ya?

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