20 Words By 18 Months

A friend of mine told me that at her son’s 18 month appointment her pediatrician said that most toddlers should be saying at least 20 words. I’ve never been one to assess or monitor my son based on the governments criteria but it got me thinking about where Jacob would fare when this question (if it does) comes up at our 18 month appointment on December 10th. I started cataloging all the words that Jacob says trying to decipher what actually counted as a word and what didn’t. How is this assessment done? For example when Jacob see’s my mother he will say Nana….but when he see’s a banana he will say nana…….A nana…we know that he is saying Nana in the grandmother sense for my mother…and nana in the banana sense for the fruit. So does this count as two words? Or one? Does the fact that Jacob likes to add “a” to everything mean that he’s not actually saying the word – for example he will say “a ball” or “a book” which is probably because we always say “Jacob this is A ball”….I don’t understand how its possible to assess language so early when every child has their own way of saying things. Regardless I’ve compiled a list of words that Jacob is saying so that when the pediatrician asks me I will have an answer….forgive me if I can’t remember them all but I needed to post them somewhere so that i wouldnt’ forget.

Bye Bye
All Done
I love (we’ve almost got the YOU in there)
No (every parents favourite)
Night Night
Hi and Hello

I guarantee I have forgotten some, so I’ll add accordingly. Next week we’re hoping he can say Encyclopedia…..so we can move on to Supercalafrajalisticsexpealladocious.

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  1. Whatever you do, just don’t post it on JM. My ped told me the same thing, but he said 15-20 words. And I was told he was “making it up”. See, even Canadian Drs say it, and what I’ve looked up in research journals, it is an accurate development tool

    I don’t think that they mean for it to be a catalog, or if the kid only says 19 that something’s wrong. I think it is supposed to go like this…. “How is language coming along”. You, like the calm cool headed mom you are get out your fingers, your eyes tilt back to access your memory and you do a quick run down of the words Sonny Boy says. If Sonny Boy is still on Mama and Dada, there may be a small reason for concern, mebbe not, mebbe they’ll just make a note of it and reasses at the 2 year appointment. Maybe they’ll talk about ways of improving vocabulary, like signing, or increasing reading time. I think its a guideline, nothing more.

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