The Things You Do: A Letter 16 Months Old

Hey Kiddo!

Can you believe it? You’re over 16 months now and soon you’re going to be a whole year and a half old! Mommy is so overwhelmed and just in shock that the days are going by so fast. It’s hard for me to imagine that eventually you’ll be 2, then 3, and 4 and so on….I love you so much buddy. In all the letters I’ve written to you I’ve said great things about how fun you are, how much I love you, and how much I’m amazed by the things you do. I still am….so much. In the beginning when you were a baby I loved you and stared at you…I was constantly in wonder that you were here and I think now it’s finally sunk in that you are mine. Do you know how happy that makes me? As a tiny baby everything was so new to me and I worried about you alot – your Mommy is a worrier so you’ll have to get use to that! Now…it’s so much different! You are just such a vibrant happy little guy and everything you do and say just makes me smile so big. Everyone says such nice things about you and what a good boy you are! I couldn’t agree more with everyone – you’re such a good boy and I just love being your Mommy. Daddy and I think its been so much fun having you around and watching you grow!

You’ve changed so much since your first birthday! We taught you sign language and I think this was the best thing that we could have done for you. In the beginning some people told us not to teach it to you, that we were making a mistake and we were going to confuse you! I think that its helped you communicate with us better by letting us know what you want! Sure you cry sometimes like alot of toddlers do but I think you cry a lot less because we’re able to figure out what it is that you want. Recently you learned the sign for PLEASE and then a couple days later you could say the word PLEASE – Mommy’s head almost popped off her shoulders when she heard you say the word please…now its so cute because when you want something you like at us making the sign and say PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! You say it over and over again and its so cute – it just melts my heart….alot of people are surprised that you can say please already but I’m not because I know you’re a smart little boy and the sign language is helping your speech develop! We’ve been working the past couple of days on the sign THANK YOU and it seemed tonight like you were finally figuring out how to do it! It will take you a couple of days to understand that we say thank you after someone does something for you but I know you’ll catch on!

The other day you were looking at Mommy’s face – examining it like you always do and suddenly as if for the first time ever… pointed to Mommy’s mole on her chin. You touched it and looked at my puzzled and said eh? I knew you were curious about what it was and so I told you it was called a mole….The next day you pointed to the mole and said it “mole” and I busted up laughing because it just sounded so cute…..then all of a sudden you were laughing! It was contagious! You are me were there laughing our heads off and you kept saying MOLE! MOLE! MOLE! After a few minutes Daddy came in and then you saw that he had moles too! You pointed to them on his arm and said MOLE! MOLE! The three of us laughed and laughed….it was so much fun!

I love you so much angel. More then you can ever possibly know…..

Keep on doing the funny silly things you do… that all the people in the world can see the light that radiates from you….You’re one special kid….always remember that.

Love and Kisses…


Unseasonal Temps…..

A friend of mine the other day said to me….update your darn blog…I’m tired of looking at the word penis… here I am updating my blog so that she and all of you no longer need to look at the word penis. I am sorry that its been so long since an update….but life is chaotic and busy when you’re a working mom! All is well here on the homefront….we’re still strutting our stuff and keeping busy with all sorts of things!

It’s HOT here….unseasonable, uncomfortable, just plain stinking HOT. I hate it so much. Fall is supposed to be my time of year. I love everything about it…including the change in weather. We hit temperatures as high as 36 with the humidity factored in this weekend and its the second week of October. Every day I walk past Jacob’s closet full of CUTE fall clothes and make my way to the top drawer of his dresser where the remainder of his summer clothes are kept. We have been wearing the same FIVE summer outfits for the past 2 weeks because 2 weeks ago the cold weather peered in on us for a day or two and I naively washed and packed away the summer clothes….leaving out five outfits “just in case”. The beautiful autumnal colored argyle sweater I bought Jacob to wear for thanksgiving this weekend is still hanging in the closet – unworn. It was too hot to even fathom wearing the sweater and instead we were stuck with jeans and a t-shirt. SUCKS…..I want the nice 10 degree weather where you need a hooded sweater and it’s fun to chase your son around the park without working up a sweat. I HATE HUMIDITY. It makes me wanna scream and I just wish it would exit stage left…anytime now.

I LOVE having a toddler. Having a baby was so much different then having a toddler….everything that Jacob does is so hilarious to me. Every day is a new adventure for us and I feel like Jacob is just so much fun. It was cute and exciting to have an itty bitty baby but its so much more fun to watch Jacob give pacifiers to a stuffed elmo doll or ask you for the 4ooth time today to read Where is baby’s belly button. I love this. Everyday I love him and the life we have….it’s perfect and whole and right. We’re at that stage right now where everyone is telling us its time for another one – and it’s friggen impossible to believe that “it’s time” when we’re having so much fun with the one we have. I’m not ready to go back to the night awakenings, the 10 diapers a day….oh and did I mention the child birth process? I’m completely not ready for that – not in the least. The good thing about Mike and I is that we dont’ feel a need to conform to the standards that other people would believe are good and right for us. We trot along doing what we feel is right for our family and so far this method of existing hasn’t failed for us. We’re good….all good and when and if we’re ready to add another child into the mix we’ll do so because it’s what is right for us – for now I’m perfectly content to watch my hilarious toddler do absolutely hilarious things…..