Dear Santa….

We’re about to celebrate Jacob’s Second Christmas – the first one was good and fun but I have a feeling that this one is going to be GREAT. Jacob will have a bit more awareness then the Christmas past and it will be fun to see him on Christmas with all his family and friends. We’re going to the Santa Claus Parade this coming weekend and as tradition has it here in Toronto – Santa’s special Canada Post helpers will be on hand collecting those precious letters for dear old Saint Nick. In honor of that Jacob, Daddy and I created a special letter and picture just for Santa so that Jacob can bring it to the parade and the special helpers can delivery to the man up North!

Word has it that Santa likes to write little boys and girls back from all the way up north so we had to include our return address which we removed for picture purposes through the power of window’s paint program. We used festive green and red and Jacob picked some stickers from my scrap booking album especially for his letter.

We cant’ wait to receive our letter back from Santa! Santa’s website said not to include any cookies or treats in the envelope (to save them for Christmas Eve) but it said that Santa LOVES pictures drawn by little children so Jacob took the markers and created this masterpiece!

We sure hope Santa likes it! Maybe he’ll hang it up so all the elves can see!

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