Sleep In?! What’s that?

My whole day was thrown off by an unexpected event this morning. My eyes must have blinked four times at the alarm clock as if the flashing 8:15 was impossible. I rolled onto my back and stared up at the ceiling half expecting that I would hear Jacob shouting up! up! up! from his crib. Instead I heard nothing. Not an ounce of sound if that’s remotely possible in this house. I’d like for you to believe that I rolled over and went back to sleep but what I really did was lay there for just an extra moment-think about going back to sleep-then hauled myself out of the bed because we all know that if something was wrong with Jacob and I didn’t check on him – I’d hate myself forever. I slumped out of the room sporting my super cool pooh bear jammies and snuck quietly into Jacob’s room – cursing his squeaky door as I allowed myself in!

JACKPOT! Jacob was curled up in his crib like an alcoholic curls up with their whisky – completely passed out! I didn’t make a peep but inside I was having my own fourth of july celebration (no I’m not American but we Canadians dont’ do holidays like they do)….I sauntered back to my bed and passed out for another half hour or so. I was awakened by the familiar up! up! up! and I knew it was over – but I was grateful for it while it lasted! I got to sleep in past 730! I haven’t done that for a long long time with Jacob home! It felt gooooooooood… ice cream tastes when it has caramel and whipped cream on it! Goooooooooooooood. Jacob slept from 730 p.m. until 8:45 AM! For all you non mathematical whizzes that’s 13 hours and 15 minutes! I’d like to believe that God loves me and was rewarding me for something!

I gotta say that our whole day was thrown off by this sleeping in business! I am use to getting errands done first thing on a Saturday morning but alas we did not make it out the door until 11 a.m. Our happy little family weekend routine was damaged…but I was okay with this kind of damage. I’ll take this damage every Saturday if Jacob so chose to give it to us.

Me like sleep…..

One thought on “Sleep In?! What’s that?

  1. You’re a braver momma than I. I don’t even crack the door of her bedroom (except the periodic checks while I make one of a hundred pee breaks in the middle of the night). I know, without a doubt, if the sun is open, and I open that door, she’ll be up and at em.

    She slept in this morning, letting her daddy and I get some much needed work done. Amazing how noteworthy such little occurrences become. Ada went to bed ON TIME, and with very little screaming. I could scream it from the roof tops, but I run the risk of waking her.

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