There is not much wonder left in the world. Children are becoming more selfish and self absorbed for a variety of reasons and its difficult to imagine that we could possibly attempt to do something different with our child. Someone said to us the other day if you buy too much for Jacob for Christmas, there will come a day when he will unwrap his presents….look up at you and say “that’s it?”. I’d like to beleive that this won’t be the case with Jacob – I’d like to beleive that we are raising him to be gracious. I’d like to believe a time won’t come when Jacob will say with disappointment “is that it?” Is that too much to hope for? Why does everyone always say “yea right!” when you make statements like the ones I just made? Is it uncomprehensible that someone could hope for more for their child?

Wonder was present in our home tonight. It entered in a quiet enthusiastic way that I had never experienced before – or maybe it has been here before but I’ve somehow missed it; that is the complexity of life. Jacob went to visit my mother today while Mike and I shifted furniture around to make space for our huge 7.5 foot Christmas tree. It’s such a beautiful tree – we’ve had it for three years now, paid a pretty penny for it – and haven’t regretted it once! Well we put up a variety of other decorations as well and then left to pick up Jacob at 4pm from my mother’s before heading off to my father’s for dinner.

We got home at about 730 P.M and Mike snuck into the apartment before Jacob and I to turn on the tree lights and make sure all the remaining lights in the house were turned off. I pushed open the door and let Jacob in and immediately his eyes were captured by the huge tree in the corner of our living room….he moved slowly as if mesmorized towards the tree and then just stood there staring at it. His eyes were magical…shimmering…on fire with life and excitement and….Wonder…..he sighed a deep Ohhhhhh….and then reached out to touch the tree intrigued most likely about where it came from, or what it was doing in the middle of his living room. He just stared and his eyes just sparkled and the three of us – we just enjoyed the moment together…Jacob in wonder of the tree…and us parents…in wonder of our son and his shimmering eyes.

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