I was keeping my fingers crossed that I would be able to post some video that we took recently of Jacob but it seems that we are missing the driver disk that is required to transfer video from our video cam – maybe its a password or something…who knows, but what probably happened is that we put it in a “safe spot” so that we could find it when we wanted to use it and now obviously that safe spot was so safe that even we cannot find it – bummer. I guess you all have something to look forward to now because I vow that over the course of the next little while we shall find that disk or password or whatever it is that Mike is looking for and I will post a recent video of Jacob.

We’re just less then an hour away from the New Year and I don’t have anything remotely sentimental or exciting to write about today. I’d rather not bore you with the normal regurgitation about how much I’m looking forward to the good things that the New Year will hold because frankly from what I’ve learned about life in my 29 years so far – life is sometimes good and life is sometimes not so good. I have hope for a lot of good change in our life over the next year but I know that things will happen that we will struggle with….that will cause us to hold our breath for a moment or two. I am betting there will be times that we will be sad, or worried, or excited even….so instead of looking forward to the GOOD of the new year…I will just say that I am looking forward to life in the New Year and looking forward to growing and changing from whatever the new year has in store for me.

Jacob was, as always, quite the character today. He made me laugh out loud several times throughout the day either through something that he did, something that he said, or just one of the facial expressions that he used – I can’t get enough of this child….he’s intoxicating. It sounds crazy to refer to your child as intoxicating but this is how I feel whenever I am around him….100% intoxicated by his mixture of charm and love and curiosity. When people speak to us about adding other children to our family we hear a lot of comments such as “you better pray that your next child is just like Jacob” or “hopefully your next child will be the same as him”…but I’ve put a lot of thought into that and while I’d love another child who slept through the night early, who rarely cried as an infant, who always seemed content…the truth is I know that my next child will not be entirely like Jacob – they’ll have a whole different personality for us to get to know and experience and I’m okay with that……if by chance they also want to sleep through the night and not cry often – I’ll take that as gravy on a big heaping plate of yummy french fries!

I decided that I’d take every Tuesday and use it as an opportunity to talk about all the healthy living choices Mike and I are making…hopefully I’ll have exciting news about weight loss to share or maybe I’ll just use it for a vent to talk about what’s difficult in this journey – whatever it is I’m going to use Tuesdays as an opportunity to talk about it. I think I’ll call it Taking It Off Tuesday…I’m pretty sure Mike is going to be doing something similar on his blog.

Well it’s 11:15 pm now and I’m pretty sure I didn’t write anything that made even the tiniest bit of sense but I’m going to log off now and probably go to bed….I’m finding it hard to keep my eyes wide open through the New Year – I’m sure the phone will ring at midnight and there will be some well wisher on the other end of the line shouting Happy New Year at us….so who knows maybe I’ll actually be awake to answer the phone…or not.

Happy New Year Folks

And It Shall Be Monday….

Greetings Stalkers Blog Reading Friends!

I`m gearing up for this giant weight loss journey thingy that Mike and I are about to embark on and for the first time in my life I don`t feel nervous, overwhelmed, or obsessed about it. It seems so strange for me that I`m not feeling any of the usual emotions – you know the ones that tell you that you`re never going to accomplish your weight loss goals. In the past my buddy and long time companion FAILURE would leap onto my sofa and get all comfy for the ride ahead. He sits there and waits for me to fail every time…and every time he`s right…he knows me pretty well – too well. Instead of encouraing me…FAILURE sits on the couch with a bag of chips in one hand and a cheeseburger in the other – looking for the right opportunity to make his move – but this time he`s no where to be found. I look forward to this lifestyle change with hope for sucess and a great long healthy future.

I`m not sure what is different this time around – maybe it`s my desire to lose weight before Trying to Conceive again or maybe it`s just this idea that I`m standing in line with a front row ticket to the DIABETES concert….in fact if I look more closely at my ticket I probably have a back stage pass. DIABETES is RAMPENT in my family and I feel like my body is a ticking time bomb – that at any moment the doctor is gonna call me up and say – Melissa…party of ONE your table at the DIABETES restaurant is ready….I`m not ready to go to that concert and I`m not hungry or wanting to dine at that restaurant so my only choice is to fight against it…to do something different for my life and for the lives of my children and their children.

So…I`ve picked Monday as my start day for this new lifestyle that Mike and I are bringing into our household. I really struggled to pick a start date because I wanted to make sure that I was ready psychologically. Monday feels like a good day because it`s not the New Year so I feel like I`m not just using that day because it`s a New Years resolution. Good idea right? I think so and that’s what is the most important right? So today Mike and I ate got rid of some of the sweets in our house and I used the last of the cookie baking ingredients and made some chocolate chip toffee cookies – Mike then proceeded to eat a bunch and I’m thinking of throwing the rest off our balcony. Ha! Perhaps the pigeons will eat them and choke – I am an animal lover – mostly….I can’t stand pigeons.

Ha! Broken Already!

I’m writing it right here in my bloggity blog for the whole world to see that I am a complete and utter failure when it comes to New Years resolutions. I suckity suck suck suck. I swore up and down that my only resolution for the year was that I was NOT going to make any resolutions this year because frankly as you will see in a moment’s time – I suck at keeping resolutions. So here I am up on my soap box announcing to the world my resolutions for the year 2008 – thus giving you all permission so lay incredible shame and guilt on my lap if and when I fail miserably at keeping my promises to myself.


I resolve to think more and speak less – but speak when its important to me (after putting good thought into what I want to say). Did any of that make sense?


I resolve to be healthy in every aspect of my life. To eat a cheeseburger without feeling guilty….but not often and to drink more water then diet coke. I resolve to lose more weight then I gain and to be okay with having slip ups now and then. It’s ok not to be perfect….I’m just a human being not a robot.


I resolve that if I fail on my resolutions I will take myself out back and be whipped FIVE times with a wet noodle. If that fails I will forgive myself for failing and move on…remembering that failure isn’t final.


I resolve to spend less money…and therefore save more money. I will allow myself a few indulgences but will stick to our super mega awesome family budget!

That’s it…I can’t make any more resolutions because if I do I am sure to fail and feel the wrath of your shame in my lap! So there you have it….I have to give myself a kick in the rear and get on the right page before the first of January….

Surely I will not fail at my second attempt to have resolutions this year….

Pics and Thanks!

Christmas was AWESOME. We all had such a great time with family and friends enjoying company, eating good food, and exchanging gifts. It was so much fun this year with Jacob who just loved to rip the paper off his presents (when he wasn’t pre-occupied with the previous present that he opened)……We all got ABSOLUTELY spoiled! We didn’t except to receive so much from such generous family and friends! We only hope that they appreciate the thought and love that we put in their presents! For me there were a few things that I recieved that are by far my favourite things of the year!

1. Tickets to see the musical RENT. Honestly I was so surprised that my mother and her husband got these tickets for Mike and I….they are second row from the front on the aisle! I couldn’t have received better tickets! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I can’t wait to go in March! Woot!

2. My Mammoth Crocs! I received these from my mother and her husband Dan as well – they are the Chocolate/Oatmeal ones and I swear I could sleep in them if Mike would let me! I LOVE them.

3. Willow Tree Nativity Figurines from Mike’s mother. I have wanted this for so many years and now I finally have it! I am just so thankful that she decided to get it for me…it was a very thoughtful gift!

4. An LG DVR from my mother and her husband! What’s better then being able to record your favourite TV shows when you’re going to miss them!

5. Eat, Pray, Love – Mike got me this book and I am enjoying it so much! I can’t wait to get deeper into this woman’s story!

Uggggg…there was just so many thoughtful gifts! I want to thank everyone for everything they have done for us during this Christmas season and all year long! We love every single one of you!

To finish here are a few pictures of Jacob from over the Christmas Holiday….


Do you ever take one of those pictures of your child that just makes you warm and fuzzy inside? We typically take about a hundred zillion bajillion (trust me its a lot) pictures a month and occasionally one of them really stands out for me. It’s like it has this crazy ability of reminding me about the joys of parenthood. It smacks you out of the poor me mommy attitude you can sometimes develop when your day isn’t going right because for the 400th time your child is playing in the toilet water!

I’m not sure what we were doing at the moment this photo was taken. I’m pretty sure I was taking pictures from Mike’s family dinner tonight and Jacob ran up to me and just decided to be silly! I love the silly in him. I love it sooooo much. We had a great night tonight with family and food – a truck load of food. We managed to send lots of leftovers home with other people and our fridge is not too overstocked. I won’t get into the details of the night because I’m saving that for a middle of the day tomorrow post but I feel it was a great success despite some missing members of the family.

Tomorrow is Christmas eve and we’re off to my father’s house for a Christmas get together! Stay tuned for more of our Christmas fun tomorrow!

Christmas – Take One

And so it begins….

Our Christmas festivities officially got kick started today with a typical Christmas day with Lisa and Jim and this year Baby Sofia! We headed out to lunch only to discover that the restaurant we had initially wanted to visit wasn’t serving lunch today so we headed off to a new destination and arrived without the problem. There’s something about a chinese buffet around Christmas time that reminds me of that movie most of us know and love: A Christmas Story. Sure enough when we were at the buffet I could hear the waiters and waitresses singing to a table and I laughed inside remembering the scene from the movie where the waiter’s cut off the goose’s head and proceed to “Deck the Hars with Bars of Rory….Fa ra ra ra la”…..you get picture. We indulged in a great big fat meal as we sometimes do around the holidays (but never outside of the holidays…no no not us….no way!) and then hit the road to head back to our house for a little prezzie exchange and of course the men played the Wii!

It’s always a great time when you get together with friends and family around this time of the year. It takes me out of the stresses of life and I truly love getting to see the people we don’t often get to see because of distance or circumstance. Jacob of course got very nice presents and so did Mike and I! Of course I had my usual paranoia about the gifts we gave and hoped that the recipients enjoyed our choices for them. Lisa and I chatted while Sofia and Jake took naps and then men played “Lego Star Wars” on the Wii….our families don’t get together nearly as much as we should….I always wish things could be different and that they lived just down the street again – things would be so different then but of course you can’t live your life in the “what ifs” right?

As always we snapped several pictures of our gathering but I will only post a few here for the cyber world to view!

This Kid Cracks Me Up!

When Jacob gets a cold it ALWAYS results in a trip to the E.R because his breathing gets so bad that his ribs are sucking in all his skin – this has led to the doctors having a suspicion that he might have asthma. At first we were overwhelmed at the thought of this but the doctor said if he does have asthma it’s most likely the kind that he would outgrow over time because it only seems to “flare” up when he has a cold or chest infection. Anyways they can’t truly test him until he is older so it’s just a guessing game right now….

When he gets sick we have to give Jacob his inhalers via a mask system and each and every time no matter what he completely freaks out. He cries his little heart out and tries with all his might to get the mask off his face….

So this morning I turn around the corner to his bedroom and see Jacob with his mask held up to his face and he’s breathing in and out and laughing. LOL. Then he looks at me and says blue? orange? Those are the two colors of his inhalers that we use and I’m totally cracking up inside that he’s pretend playing with his mask and is now asking me for the inhalers. I think its hilarious and I know that the second I truly try to pull out those suckers and give them to him he’ll completely flip out again! Seems like the mask is ok for play time but not for “baby cant’ breath and needs this to help him LIVE time”…..

Kid cracks me up….ALL the time!

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

It seems Mother Nature had her own plans for our weekend, sending 25-35 cm of snow to our big city over a time frame of 15 hours. It’s weird how in the hustle and bustle of the week before Christmas we were able to find peace and comfort in a snow storm. I admit to being frustrated and overwhelmed at the thought that I wouldn’t have the time to be out and about that I wantedand had planned for….afterall I had a huge list of things that needed to get done over the weekend in order to be completely reaady for Christmas….but the concept of doing nothing on Sunday because we were snowed in proved to be just what we needed.

It turned out that Jacob wasn’t feeling well on Sunday and spent a good chunk of the day either sleeping or being incredibly lethargic. He had a slight wheeze and since we’re pro’s by now with the whole”asthma” thing we decided to just start administering his inhalers to be pro-active and avoid what is usually an inevitable trip to the hospital emergency room. It seems it was a pretty good idea because this morning he seems full of life and energy once again. It always amazes me how fast children can bounce back from an illness that would have an adult whiny and miserable for an entire week.

We spent the majority of yesterday tidying the house, conteplating laundry (but not actually doing it), watching a little bit of the boob tube (TV), and taking care of Jacob. The previous evening we had finally added the final ornaments to our Christmas tree so the lights were on all day and evening on Sunday. I started adding presents around the tree since I had wrapped so many already and the tree began to have that magical glow of Christmas that I love so much. Perhaps my most favourite memory of the weekend was this picture that I took of Mike and Jacob together looking at the tree and putting on an ornament.

Looking at pictures such as this one bring me back to what’s important and right in the world. Love and family and good times spent together are what matter’s the most and sometimes that can be easily forgotten, especially during Christmas when there is so much commercialism. I love the simplicity of family life and how perfect it seems to fit into my puzzle of life. Sometimes the richest people on earth are the ones with the least amount of material possessions but the greatest amount of love. I feel rich indeed….yes rich indeed. What more could you ask for then a partner for life that loves you entirely….a beautiful son that brightens your day….a shelter over your head….clothes on your body….and food in your stomach – Yes I am rich indeed, without a fancy car or a giant home – I have everything I have always wanted and hoped for.