And It Shall Be Monday….

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I`m gearing up for this giant weight loss journey thingy that Mike and I are about to embark on and for the first time in my life I don`t feel nervous, overwhelmed, or obsessed about it. It seems so strange for me that I`m not feeling any of the usual emotions – you know the ones that tell you that you`re never going to accomplish your weight loss goals. In the past my buddy and long time companion FAILURE would leap onto my sofa and get all comfy for the ride ahead. He sits there and waits for me to fail every time…and every time he`s right…he knows me pretty well – too well. Instead of encouraing me…FAILURE sits on the couch with a bag of chips in one hand and a cheeseburger in the other – looking for the right opportunity to make his move – but this time he`s no where to be found. I look forward to this lifestyle change with hope for sucess and a great long healthy future.

I`m not sure what is different this time around – maybe it`s my desire to lose weight before Trying to Conceive again or maybe it`s just this idea that I`m standing in line with a front row ticket to the DIABETES concert….in fact if I look more closely at my ticket I probably have a back stage pass. DIABETES is RAMPENT in my family and I feel like my body is a ticking time bomb – that at any moment the doctor is gonna call me up and say – Melissa…party of ONE your table at the DIABETES restaurant is ready….I`m not ready to go to that concert and I`m not hungry or wanting to dine at that restaurant so my only choice is to fight against it…to do something different for my life and for the lives of my children and their children.

So…I`ve picked Monday as my start day for this new lifestyle that Mike and I are bringing into our household. I really struggled to pick a start date because I wanted to make sure that I was ready psychologically. Monday feels like a good day because it`s not the New Year so I feel like I`m not just using that day because it`s a New Years resolution. Good idea right? I think so and that’s what is the most important right? So today Mike and I ate got rid of some of the sweets in our house and I used the last of the cookie baking ingredients and made some chocolate chip toffee cookies – Mike then proceeded to eat a bunch and I’m thinking of throwing the rest off our balcony. Ha! Perhaps the pigeons will eat them and choke – I am an animal lover – mostly….I can’t stand pigeons.

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  1. Ya know, I find blogs are great ways to be accountable for diets. And it is always better to do it with someone. Good luck to you and Mike. My advice is to not be too hard on yourself when there are lapses, plan for lapses even, mark them in your calendar. I said this in relation to smoking, but it takes more than a few weeks or months to get addicted to cigarettes, so keep that in mind. Nothing worth waiting for is achieved overnight. And if you “fail” the first time, you can always try again. Don’t you have that book? The Little Engine that Could?

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