Christmas – Take One

And so it begins….

Our Christmas festivities officially got kick started today with a typical Christmas day with Lisa and Jim and this year Baby Sofia! We headed out to lunch only to discover that the restaurant we had initially wanted to visit wasn’t serving lunch today so we headed off to a new destination and arrived without the problem. There’s something about a chinese buffet around Christmas time that reminds me of that movie most of us know and love: A Christmas Story. Sure enough when we were at the buffet I could hear the waiters and waitresses singing to a table and I laughed inside remembering the scene from the movie where the waiter’s cut off the goose’s head and proceed to “Deck the Hars with Bars of Rory….Fa ra ra ra la”… get picture. We indulged in a great big fat meal as we sometimes do around the holidays (but never outside of the holidays…no no not us….no way!) and then hit the road to head back to our house for a little prezzie exchange and of course the men played the Wii!

It’s always a great time when you get together with friends and family around this time of the year. It takes me out of the stresses of life and I truly love getting to see the people we don’t often get to see because of distance or circumstance. Jacob of course got very nice presents and so did Mike and I! Of course I had my usual paranoia about the gifts we gave and hoped that the recipients enjoyed our choices for them. Lisa and I chatted while Sofia and Jake took naps and then men played “Lego Star Wars” on the Wii….our families don’t get together nearly as much as we should….I always wish things could be different and that they lived just down the street again – things would be so different then but of course you can’t live your life in the “what ifs” right?

As always we snapped several pictures of our gathering but I will only post a few here for the cyber world to view!

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