Finding Joy….

I’ve had a crappy couple of weeks so today after a crappy morning I decided that Jacob and I would try to embrace the spirit of the season – and that we did! We went outside for a walk in the falling snow and Jacob wasa mesmorized! It was awesome!

When we got back in we had a spaghetti lunch followed by a bath for Jacob (with bubbles of course!) and then we got in our jammies, sat up on the couch and watched the Polar Express. Afterwards, we took a nap together in the great big bed……I found joy in doing all these things with Jacob – he is a piece of my soul walking around on earth.

One thought on “Finding Joy….

  1. So, you superglued the mittens on his hands?

    I’m glad you had such a memorable day to top off a couple of weeks of crappy ones.

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