Ha! Broken Already!

I’m writing it right here in my bloggity blog for the whole world to see that I am a complete and utter failure when it comes to New Years resolutions. I suckity suck suck suck. I swore up and down that my only resolution for the year was that I was NOT going to make any resolutions this year because frankly as you will see in a moment’s time – I suck at keeping resolutions. So here I am up on my soap box announcing to the world my resolutions for the year 2008 – thus giving you all permission so lay incredible shame and guilt on my lap if and when I fail miserably at keeping my promises to myself.


I resolve to think more and speak less – but speak when its important to me (after putting good thought into what I want to say). Did any of that make sense?


I resolve to be healthy in every aspect of my life. To eat a cheeseburger without feeling guilty….but not often and to drink more water then diet coke. I resolve to lose more weight then I gain and to be okay with having slip ups now and then. It’s ok not to be perfect….I’m just a human being not a robot.


I resolve that if I fail on my resolutions I will take myself out back and be whipped FIVE times with a wet noodle. If that fails I will forgive myself for failing and move on…remembering that failure isn’t final.


I resolve to spend less money…and therefore save more money. I will allow myself a few indulgences but will stick to our super mega awesome family budget!

That’s it…I can’t make any more resolutions because if I do I am sure to fail and feel the wrath of your shame in my lap! So there you have it….I have to give myself a kick in the rear and get on the right page before the first of January….

Surely I will not fail at my second attempt to have resolutions this year….

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