Oh Christmas Tree…….

We’ve had our tree up for 2 weeks now but it sat bare for the longest time. Everyone told us that Jacob would just pull everything down from the tree so we were very apprehensive about putting the decorations on because I had envisionned a chorus of “Not or Jacob” or “No Thank You Jake” throughout the day. So slowly we’ve added decorations to the tree and the truth is – Jacob really LOVES them – in a good way! It’s as though he treasures them as somethign to only be looked at and admired. He stands back and proclaims LIGHT! when the tree is glistening…he’ll point to the sparkly Christmas balls on the tree and proclaim BALL! Not once so far has he taken anything off the tree…..we’ll see what tomorrow brings since the tree is officially finished now! I’d like to find a cheap new tree skirt though…and a few red Christmas ornaments to add the the mix! Other then that I think its perfect and beautiful and magical just like the Christmas season! Here’s a picture of the almost finished beauty!

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