I was keeping my fingers crossed that I would be able to post some video that we took recently of Jacob but it seems that we are missing the driver disk that is required to transfer video from our video cam – maybe its a password or something…who knows, but what probably happened is that we put it in a “safe spot” so that we could find it when we wanted to use it and now obviously that safe spot was so safe that even we cannot find it – bummer. I guess you all have something to look forward to now because I vow that over the course of the next little while we shall find that disk or password or whatever it is that Mike is looking for and I will post a recent video of Jacob.

We’re just less then an hour away from the New Year and I don’t have anything remotely sentimental or exciting to write about today. I’d rather not bore you with the normal regurgitation about how much I’m looking forward to the good things that the New Year will hold because frankly from what I’ve learned about life in my 29 years so far – life is sometimes good and life is sometimes not so good. I have hope for a lot of good change in our life over the next year but I know that things will happen that we will struggle with….that will cause us to hold our breath for a moment or two. I am betting there will be times that we will be sad, or worried, or excited even….so instead of looking forward to the GOOD of the new year…I will just say that I am looking forward to life in the New Year and looking forward to growing and changing from whatever the new year has in store for me.

Jacob was, as always, quite the character today. He made me laugh out loud several times throughout the day either through something that he did, something that he said, or just one of the facial expressions that he used – I can’t get enough of this child….he’s intoxicating. It sounds crazy to refer to your child as intoxicating but this is how I feel whenever I am around him….100% intoxicated by his mixture of charm and love and curiosity. When people speak to us about adding other children to our family we hear a lot of comments such as “you better pray that your next child is just like Jacob” or “hopefully your next child will be the same as him”…but I’ve put a lot of thought into that and while I’d love another child who slept through the night early, who rarely cried as an infant, who always seemed content…the truth is I know that my next child will not be entirely like Jacob – they’ll have a whole different personality for us to get to know and experience and I’m okay with that……if by chance they also want to sleep through the night and not cry often – I’ll take that as gravy on a big heaping plate of yummy french fries!

I decided that I’d take every Tuesday and use it as an opportunity to talk about all the healthy living choices Mike and I are making…hopefully I’ll have exciting news about weight loss to share or maybe I’ll just use it for a vent to talk about what’s difficult in this journey – whatever it is I’m going to use Tuesdays as an opportunity to talk about it. I think I’ll call it Taking It Off Tuesday…I’m pretty sure Mike is going to be doing something similar on his blog.

Well it’s 11:15 pm now and I’m pretty sure I didn’t write anything that made even the tiniest bit of sense but I’m going to log off now and probably go to bed….I’m finding it hard to keep my eyes wide open through the New Year – I’m sure the phone will ring at midnight and there will be some well wisher on the other end of the line shouting Happy New Year at us….so who knows maybe I’ll actually be awake to answer the phone…or not.

Happy New Year Folks

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