Sweet Angel Boy – 18 Months Old – A Letter

Hiya Sweet Baby Boy!

Gosh kiddo…it seems so weird to call you baby boy when I`m sitting here writing to you on the day you turned 18 whole months old! 18 months! Wow. I just can`t believe that you`ve been in my life for 18 wonderful months already. You are my greatest joy – a piece of my soul walking in a pint sized body – the warmth in my apple pie. Every day you fill my life with adventure and love….so much love. Every single time I turn my head, there you are with your love….showing it to me in so many ways. Every single day I am finding moments to tell you that I love you in some way or another and as always you also find new ways to show me that you love me back. These past couple of months you’ve been full of hugs and kisses (or smoochies as we like to call them) and you’re learning to say I love you…..you can’t quite get all the words out yet but you sure can say I love…it’s the “you” part that we havent’ been able to master….but it’s ok sweet boy…I know that you are saying it to me because you look right at me with the softest most real smile and you say “I love” while you cross your arms over your chest and swing your body side to side – because of this and many other things you are my greatest joy.

Every day is like a new adventure for you. You’re discovering that life has so much to offer you – to teach you. There will come a day when you are older like me where you will suddenly find it hard to see how precious and cherished life is…I have days like those….where its hard to remember how new and wonderful life was when you were a child – it is for this reason that I want you to always keep these letters that I write to you, so you can always remember the joy and adventure of the world. I hope that through my eyes you’ll always be able to hold tight to the child you are today….this way no matter what, you’ll also always have a part of me with you to remind you of how important you were to me and how much I love you.

You’re learning to do so many things by yourself. It’s been such an experience watching you get applesauce all over your highchair or spaghetti sauce all over your face!! Even in your ears and up to your forehead!!!! You’ve been trying so hard to learn to feed yourself with a fork or spoon and it’s paying off! The other day for the first time you ate your WHOLE breakfast with a spoon and didn’t spill a drop on your shirt or high chair! I was so proud of you that I clapped and shouted hooray and you laughed at me before starting to clap too! Before I knew it we were both laughing and I pulled you out of the high chair and set you down on the floor and you kept laughing your head off while spinning around and around in a circle! I joined in and the two of use were twirling around the living room and laughing! After a couple of minutes we both fell down on our bums and you reached out your arms for me….we had the BIGGEST hug ever! Gosh I love you!

We spent the other day decorating our Christmas tree. Christmas time is Mama’s most favourite time of the year because everything about it seems so magical and wonderful and it seems for the whole month of December that all the silly and unimportant things in the world are gone and replaced with the reminder of what’s important…love. A few weeks ago many people told us that you’d LOVE the Christmas tree so much that you’d just pull all the pretty decorations off of it and that I’d find them all around the house….hidden in secret Jacob hiding spots! I imagined our tree with decorations that started just over your head and went up to the top…..but this has not been the case. You seem to love Christmas and everything about it just like your Mama does…you look up at that giant tree and you smile the biggest smile in the whole wide world – the lights twinkle and I can see their reflection in your eyes…It brings everything magical and important about Christmas right back to me…..it refreshes me, revives me, enlightens me. Do you see Jacob? You are my breath of life.

I expect that by the next time I write to you – you’ll be so different. This happens all the time and I’m overwhelmed AND excited for you because I know that the changes that are happening to you are important and exciting for you too! Right now your favourite word is “no” but you don’t really understand the meaning of it so when I ask you if you want a cookie or a banana….I know that when you say “no” you secretly mean yes please….

I have all the hope for you in the world…..

Hope that you can be everything you are destined to be…

Hope that you can fill the lives of other’s with joy and love like you have done to mine….

Hope that you will always find good in life…no matter what…

Hope that you will just keep being you…

The greatest joy of my life.

Love and Kisses…


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