The Weather Outside Is Frightful

It seems Mother Nature had her own plans for our weekend, sending 25-35 cm of snow to our big city over a time frame of 15 hours. It’s weird how in the hustle and bustle of the week before Christmas we were able to find peace and comfort in a snow storm. I admit to being frustrated and overwhelmed at the thought that I wouldn’t have the time to be out and about that I wantedand had planned for….afterall I had a huge list of things that needed to get done over the weekend in order to be completely reaady for Christmas….but the concept of doing nothing on Sunday because we were snowed in proved to be just what we needed.

It turned out that Jacob wasn’t feeling well on Sunday and spent a good chunk of the day either sleeping or being incredibly lethargic. He had a slight wheeze and since we’re pro’s by now with the whole”asthma” thing we decided to just start administering his inhalers to be pro-active and avoid what is usually an inevitable trip to the hospital emergency room. It seems it was a pretty good idea because this morning he seems full of life and energy once again. It always amazes me how fast children can bounce back from an illness that would have an adult whiny and miserable for an entire week.

We spent the majority of yesterday tidying the house, conteplating laundry (but not actually doing it), watching a little bit of the boob tube (TV), and taking care of Jacob. The previous evening we had finally added the final ornaments to our Christmas tree so the lights were on all day and evening on Sunday. I started adding presents around the tree since I had wrapped so many already and the tree began to have that magical glow of Christmas that I love so much. Perhaps my most favourite memory of the weekend was this picture that I took of Mike and Jacob together looking at the tree and putting on an ornament.

Looking at pictures such as this one bring me back to what’s important and right in the world. Love and family and good times spent together are what matter’s the most and sometimes that can be easily forgotten, especially during Christmas when there is so much commercialism. I love the simplicity of family life and how perfect it seems to fit into my puzzle of life. Sometimes the richest people on earth are the ones with the least amount of material possessions but the greatest amount of love. I feel rich indeed….yes rich indeed. What more could you ask for then a partner for life that loves you entirely….a beautiful son that brightens your day….a shelter over your head….clothes on your body….and food in your stomach – Yes I am rich indeed, without a fancy car or a giant home – I have everything I have always wanted and hoped for.

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